Armstrong Installation & Maintenance, All Products

Armstrong Installation & Maintenance, All Products
Using Armstrong Flooring IMA products, as recommended, for installing and maintaining your Armstrong floor will yield the best results when your floor is in place and in use at your home or commercial facility. Armstrong Installation, Maintenance, & Accessories (IMA) products range from residential to commercial for each Armstrong flooring type. Shop all of Armstrong products for sale at 1877floorguy right here, on one page - or - for more specific recommendations based on your type of Armstrong floor -resilient, LVT, rubber, linoleum- shop the break-out sections on 1877floorguy and reference the Armstrong Installation & Maintenance Guides for your specific floor.

Armstrong Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 32oz
Multi Surface Floor Cleaner
$10.50, 4/$37.80
Armstrong Once 'n Done No-Rinse Floor CLEANER CONCENTRATE, 32-oz
Vinyl, Resilient, Ceramic Cleaner
$17.90, 6/$96.66
Armstrong Once 'n Done No-Rinse Floor CLEANER CONCENTRATE, 64-oz
Vinyl, Resilient, Ceramic Cleaner
$26.50, 2/$47.70
Armstrong Once 'n Done No-Rinse Floor CLEANER CONCENTRATE, 1-Gal (128oz)
Vinyl, Resilient, Ceramic Cleaner
$54.30, 4/$195.48
Armstrong S-480 Commercial Acrylic Floor Polish - 1 Gallon
Commercial Floor Polish
$52.00, 4/$187.20
Armstrong S-495 Commercial Floor Sealer, 1-Gallon
Commercial Floor Sealer
$56.55, 4/$203.40
Armstrong S-495 Commercial Sealer - 5 Gallon
Commercial Floor Sealer
Armstrong S-288 Flooring Adhesive - 4 Gal Pail
Regular price:$340.65
Sale price:$270.00 Save 21%
Armstrong S-452 Seal Strong Parts A & B
Moisture Mitigation System
Armstrong S-453 Level Strong 55 lb
Self-Leveling Underlayment
Armstrong S-310 Roll Strong Adhesive 4 Gal
Regular price:$378.40
Sale price:$300.00 Save 21%
This item is no longer available.
Top selling Armstrong Once n Done No-Rinse floor cleaner provides squeaky clean results on Armstrong Residential LVT, Resilient & Ceramic floors. Older Armstrong Residential Vinyl floors will benefit from Satinkeeper or Shinekeeper Flooring Finishes to maintain shine. For floors previously coated with Pattern Plus Shine, the replacement product is Armstrong Shinekeeper which is approved for Hartco acrylic-impregnated floors.

Armstrong S-485 is the preferred Neutral Floor Cleaner for Commercial Armstrong Resilient floors including VCT and LVT, even those with Diamond 10 Technology factory finish. A special SDT Polish S-392 is available for static dissipative floors.

Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate floor care supplies are no longer available under the Armstrong brand. Armstrong wood or laminate floor should be cleaned and maintained with Bruce Hardwood & Laminate floor care products.

Reference your specific Armstrong floor maintenance instructions for cleaning and care to most easily find the products for your routine and periodic floor maintenance. Armstrong Strong System subfloor treatment and adhesive supplies include leveling compounds, moisture mitigation system, and flooring adhesives for recommended floor prep and installation.

In addition to the right floor care supplies, keeping your Armstrong floors in the best condition requires preventive care with chair leg protectors, entry door mats and routine sweeping or vacuuming. Use felt-bottom chair leg protectors on chairs, tables and other heavy furniture. Entry doormats with non-staining backs are the best option on sheet vinyl and LVT floors. A strong combination of preventive care, as recommended by Armstrong Flooring, will do the most good at preventing superficial floor scratches that can, over time, dull the appearance of your Armstrong floor. This set of preventive care measures is effective on any Armstrong floor -LVT, sheet vinyl, rubber, linoleum, in a home or business facility, to keep it from looking worn.