ARMSTRONG Commercial Linoleum

ARMSTRONG Commercial Linoleum
Choosing the right cleaners for your low-maintenance commercial or residential Armstrong linoleum flooring - including LinoArt and Marmorette floors - is an important part of keeping floors looking great and performing well for years into the future. Because these floors are considered a sensitive flooring material and are made with natural materials, you should use formulas that are tough on dirt and grime buildup but gentle on your floors. 1877FloorGuy's variety of quality Armstrong linoleum floor cleaner products help you implement a routine maintenance or deep cleaning schedule that protects your flooring investment.
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We can help you find the right Armstrong floor cleaning products for your long-lasting linoleum floors. Armstrong products are recommended for use on Armstrong Marmorette linoleum flooring in residential and commercial environments. Marmorette, LinoArt and genuine linoleum floors should be cared for with formulas that do not expose them to excess moisture or alkalinity. Armstrong recommends the use of 3M machine pads for commercial floor care, as these pads will allow you to thoroughly apply the linoleum floor cleaner without saturating them with excess moisture that could damage the look and performance of your floors.

For cleaning commercial Armstrong floors, the manufacturer recommends using institutional floor cleaning products by Armstrong. Your Armstrong linoleum floor maintenance plan should include Armstrong genuine linoleum cleaner, such as Armstrong S-485 Commercial Floor Cleaner, however, you may also use high-quality commercial cleaners by Diversey for your commercial floors. Diversey STRIDE is a neutral Armstrong linoleum floor cleaner that's a good choice for education, healthcare, hospitality and other industries. You can also refresh your commercial flooring with branded Armstrong finishes in either low-gloss or shiny options.

Reference the complete Armstrong Floor Care Maintenance Guide for more information. Please note that linoleum yellowing is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the manufacturing process of all linoleum - this is not a product defect. The yellowish cast is temporary and disappears after exposure to either natural or artificial light. 1877FloorGuy is staffed by a team of floor care experts, so we can always assist you with finding the right floor cleaners and maintenance products if you contact us.

Reference the following care guides for specific applications: Armstrong Residential Linoleum Routine Care Guide; Armstrong Residential Linoleum Polishing Guide and Armstrong Commercial Linoleum Sheet Care.