Diversey SNAPBACK SPRAY BUFF, 1 Gallon

Diversey SNAPBACK SPRAY BUFF, 1 GallonZoom
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Diversey Snapback Spray Buff, 1-Gallon

To give your commercial facility floors that "just-finished" shine, use Diversey Spray Buff in your floor buffing maintenance program. In a one gallon container, Diversey Spray Buff covers 25,000 to 30,000 square feet of flooring and can be used over any Diversey floor finish when a gloss finish is desired. Removes black heel marks, scuffs and scratches leaving the floor with high gloss shine. Pleasant fragrance.

Diversey Snapback Spray Buff product information: Safety Data Sheet, Information Sheet

Use Directions
  1. Remove gross soil such as heavy tar, paper, gum, etc., and then dust mop floor.
  2. Using a spray bottle, spray two or three full sprays onto a floor area approximately 4 ft x 6ft. Do not over wet.
  3. Using a nylon or polyester spray buff pad (a red pad is typically best), make one pass with a floor machine to spread out the product. Then return and buff to gloss which will take approximately two passes.
  4. Flip or change machine pad as frequently as necessary.
  5. After buffing is completed, dust mop floor if dust is present.
Floor Preparation
  1. If floor shows uneven wear, heavy build-up, or deep ground-in dirt, floor should be stripped and three base coats of finish applied before using Snapback Spray Buff.
  2. To obtain the maximum level of gloss, a substantial floor finish base is required. Three coats of finish are recommended.
  3. Heavy traffic areas may occasionally require additional floor finish to maintain an adequate base. When recoating of floor finish is needed, simply clean floor and apply finish directly over Snapback Spray Buff.