Dr Schutz Floor Care

Dr Schutz Floor Care
Dr Schutz has a unique selection of products to care for and protect floors in your business and in your home. Products are all commercial quality and unique to solve flooring problems such as LVT floor scratches, flooring stains, gaps in hardwood floor planks and Dr Schutz has a high quality Disinfectant Cleaner safe on most resilient floors. From luxury vinyl floor scratch repair kit & Scratchnomore chair leg floor protectors to USR Stain Remover, you are sure to find the products you need to best fix and protect your LVT floors. Refinishing an old hardwood floor? Xtra-Fill wood filler from Dr Schutz fills gaps up to 3/32-inch on freshly sanded floors when mixed with fresh saw dust for a smooth hardwood surface that can be stained and finished. Shop all Dr Schutz floor care products including Disinfectant Cleaner and USR Spot Remover.
Dr. Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner - 5L
Disinfectant Cleaner
Regular price:$192.65
Sale price:$120.00 Save 38%
Dr Schutz ScratchFix Kit for Luxury Vinyl Floors
Vinyl Floor Repair
Regular price:$94.25
Sale price:$76.70 Save 19%
Dr Schutz Flexible (Aquafill) Spatula
Wood Filler Spatula
Footfixx Hollow Chair Glide, Small (10-15mm) - qty.1
Metal Chair Leg Pad
$6.10, 4/$21.96
Footfixx Hollow Chair Glide, Large (20-30mm) - qty 1
Metal Chair Leg Pad
$8.10, 4/$29.16
Footfixx Wood Chair Glide, 28mm - Qty.1
Wood Chair Leg Pad
$5.75, 4/$18.00
Footfixx Wood Chair Glide, 34mm - Qty 1
Wood Chair Leg Pad
$5.75, 4/$18.00
FootClick2 Replacement Pad, 25mm - qty 1
FootClick Replacement Pad
Footfixx Replacement Pad - 34mm, med, large
Footfixx Replacement Pad