Dr Schutz - Scratch Fill & Chair Glides

Dr Schutz - Scratch Fill & Chair Glides
If you've been looking for a way to repair scratches on luxury vinyl floors and wood floors and to protect these floors from more scratches and scuffs, look no further! Dr Schutz has an LVT or Wood Floor Scratch Repair Kit that does a fantastic job of fixing scratch marks that look terrible in the middle of your new luxury vinyl or hardwood plank flooring. To prevent more scratches on the floor, often caused by table and chair legs, Dr Schutz has Scratchnomore chair leg glides that are uniquely cushioned with carpeted pads to save your floor from damage. Also part of the Dr Schutz floor maintenance products is popular Xtra Fill wood filler and Universal Stain Remover, USR. Read the Xtrafill product reviews and watch the videos to get the best results.
Dr Schutz ScratchFix Kit for Luxury Vinyl Floors
Vinyl Floor Repair
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Dr Schutz Flexible (Aquafill) Spatula
Wood Filler Spatula
Footfixx Hollow Chair Glide, Small (10-15mm) - qty.1
Metal Chair Leg Pad
$6.10, 4/$21.96
Footfixx Hollow Chair Glide, Large (20-30mm) - qty 1
Metal Chair Leg Pad
$8.10, 4/$29.16
Footfixx Wood Chair Glide, 28mm - Qty.1
Wood Chair Leg Pad
$5.75, 4/$18.00
Footfixx Wood Chair Glide, 34mm - Qty 1
Wood Chair Leg Pad
$5.75, 4/$18.00
FootClick2 Replacement Pad, 25mm - qty 1
FootClick Replacement Pad
Footfixx Replacement Pad - 34mm
Footfixx Replacement Pad
Dr. Schutz niche products offer solutions that can save a floor and save money with exceptional wood filling, vinyl repairing, spot removing and protective products for commercial use, trade floor installer use and residential home use. Check out the how-to video for Scratch Fix.