Hardwood - Laminate Floor Care

Hardwood - Laminate Floor Care
Keeping hardwood and laminate floors clean and fresh can be easy and requires just a bit of planning. Keep the right type of floor cleaner on hand specifically for hardwood and laminate floor cleaning. When your floors need extra TLC, a hardwood or laminate floor polish can add the pizazz you may be needing. Hardwood and laminate floor care products from 1877FloorGuy.com include easy to use cleaners, refreshers and wood floor polish, so your home or business always looks its best. We can help you find brand-specific finishes and cleaners for Mannington, Armstrong, Quick Step, Bruce, Tarkett, and more, as well as recommended cleaners by Bona, Basic Coatings and other top brands to clean and maintain a wide range of residential and commercial hardwood and laminate.
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It is well known that polyurethane, or similar, coated wood flooring and durable laminate flooring are easy to clean and require only periodic finish application or refresher so it's important to know which cleaner is best for your specific floor. Cleaning hardwood or laminate flooring is typically done with a spray cleaner, safe for use on sealed finished wood or laminate surfaces, and a flat style mop with a microfiber cleaning pad. Always use a clean microfiber pad on your mop to avoid hazy or streaked results. Bona has a large selection of mops and pads for cleaning wood and laminate flooring and 1877FloorGuy offers mop and cleaning pad options from Hilway Direct for lower price mopping supplies. We recommend owners of new floors pick up one of our all-in-one floor cleaning kits by Bona, Kahrs, Basic or Shaw for a simpler way to purchase floor cleaners and supplies. These kits come with microfiber mops and floor cleaning solution, so that you get everything you need to perform routine cleaning.

If you are looking for oiled wood floor care products, you've come to the right store. An entire section of the 1877FloorGuy website is dedicated to natural oil treated wood flooring and the unique maintenance products needed to keep it fresh and clean.

Routine sweeping and dusting with a good quality broom or dust mop is key to keeping tiny scratches and scuff marks from dulling the sheen of hard surface wood or laminate flooring. Dirt and debris can be detrimental to a floor's vibrancy, so it's important to determine how often your floor needs sweeping, depending on the activity in your household or business space. It is also smart to check the chairs and tables in your home or work space and fit the right type of felt protective pads on the bottom of each table or chair leg to minimize floor scratches.

Each brand of laminate or wood flooring includes cleaning and care instructions when the floor is new. Best practice is to follow the instructions provided by the flooring manufacturer. Flooring brands such as Mannington, Armstrong and Shaw recommend their own cleaning solutions for use on their hardwood or laminate floors. Other flooring brands, such as Pergo, Wilsonart, Beaulieu and Quick Step call out Bona, Polycare or other cleaning products to keep your floor clean and to maintain the factory finish luster.

At 1877FloorGuy, a large selection of wood and laminate floor cleaning products including wood floor polish are available from well-known brands including Bruce and DuraSeal, as well as hard to find wood and laminate care brands such as Loba, Performance Accessories for Quick Step, Mirage, Glitsa, Tarkett and more. When the brand or make of the floor is unknown, choose a reputable floor cleaning product from a quality brand like Bona, Basic Coatings or other general brand available on 1877FloorGuy.com. If you don't see the laminate or hardwood floor care products you need, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll be happy to help you find the right products.

Whether you are trying to find a laminate or wood floor cleaning kit, an eco-friendly natural cleaning product or a specific brand of floor cleaner, you are sure to find it in the hardwood and laminate floor cleaning section of the 1877FloorGuy store.