Beaulieu Laminate Floor Care

Beaulieu Laminate Floor Care
Easy to clean Beaulieu Laminate Flooring, can be well maintained with Hilway Direct Cleaner for Hardwood & Laminate Floors or with Bona Cleaner for Stone, Tile & Laminate Flooring. The beauty of laminate in your home is the ease with which it is maintained. Sweeping or vacuuming (on the hard surface setting) and mopping clean are the only steps for routine maintenance that you'll need to keep your floor looking good. Protecting the floor from unnecessary scuffs and scratches is also important. Walk off mats at each entry door to your home or business along with protective felt pads on moveable furniture, such as chairs and tables, will go a long way in keeping a floor from losing its sheen. Reference the Beaulieu directions for care and maintenance of Laminate flooring before you put a maintenance plan in place.
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Beaulieu approves the use of Hilway Direct & Bona product for routine cleaning of their brand of laminate flooring along with preventive procedures that include the use of moving slides for heavy object that might be moved across the floor. Contact the helpful agents at 1877floorguy with questions regarding maintenance of hard surface floors.