Floorguy 17-inch Mop Frame & Handle

Floorguy 17-inch Mop Frame & HandleFloorguy 17-inch Mop Frame & Handle
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Durable, adjustable 17 inch mop base with 19-inch flat microfiber mop pad. The Floorguy Mop is high quality, commercial grade mop set works hard through lots of cleaning use. Mop pole assembly is easy to adjust with just a twist of the handle for users from short to tall. The Floorguy 17 inch Mop Frame & Handle is good for home and commercial cleaning jobs. Articulating base makes cleaning in corners and under furniture easy.

This mop set comes with one 19-inch microfiber mop cleaning pad. Machine washed and air dry mop pad after use.

Additional reusable 19" microfiber mop pads can be purchased separately or choose Bona Pro Disposable Mop Pads, in a box of 50 that fit this 17 inch flat mop.