Linoleum & Rubber Care

Linoleum & Rubber Care
Two of the most natural flooring types you can find, linoleum and rubber, require maintenance products that enhance the inherent protective properties of each of these types of floors and won't damage the appearance or performance of your flooring. Using the proper linoleum and rubber floor care products from 1877FloorGuy will help these resilient floors look their best and last longer. Find all the top rubber and linoleum floor care products for your specific flooring type, whether you're looking for Roppe rubber floor care or want to find the proper maintainers and cleaners for Forbo Marmoleum floors and other popular brands, it's here at 1877FloorGuy. When cleaning and finishing these natural types of floors, it is important to keep in mind that rubber and linoleum floors are sensitive to high alkaline, high pH cleaning and floor care products, so choose according to brand specific recommendations.
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If you're looking for the best linoleum floor cleaner, there are specific qualities you need to look for in your floor cleaning and finishing solutions. Top brands of linoleum floors will name the exact product you should use, or a range of products to select from, to correctly maintain their specific brand of linoleum flooring. Armstrong, Forbo and Johnsonite are among the major flooring brands that call out maintenance products and procedures for linoleum floors. To prevent damage to linoleum, including Forbo's Marmoleum flooring, stay away from high alkalinity and high pH levels in care products. Read and adhere to your floor's flooring manufacturer instructions for cleaning and polishing for the best results on your linoleum flooring. You will find that linoleum has excellent qualities that make it ideal, with minimal maintenance, in homes, healthcare facilities, schools and other commercial spaces. Your linoleum floor maintenance guide should outline a good linoleum floor cleaning plan and cleaner, but 1877FloorGuy is always on standby if you need additional advice on which linoleum flooring care products are best-suited for your particular floors.

When cleaning and finishing rubber floors, whether they are smooth rubber, have a textured surface or are made of recycled rubber, it is important to keep in mind that rubber flooring, like linoleum, is a natural material and can be sensitive to high alkaline, high pH cleaning and floor care products. Flooring manufacturers such as Roppe and Johnsonite are very specific about the brand and name of floor cleaner, finish remover and flooring finish to apply to each line of rubber flooring they make. The most important thing for consumers is to follow the flooring manufacturer's directions for floor maintenance to achieve the best performance with products that are safe for use on their specific rubber flooring. Roppe along with Flexco, N-Plus and other rubber flooring makers recommend the Excelsior Maintenance Products, Flooring manufacturer. Johnsonite, calls out floor care products from brand names Diversey, Spartan and XL North. For gyms, schools and other commercial and institutional facilities that use rubber flooring for its flexibility and strength, they will find it stands up to hard working environments better when cared for with the right maintenance products.

1877FloorGuy makes it easy to find sensitive floor cleaners and polishes that are right for maintaining rubber and linoleum as well as all other types of resilient flooring. 1877FloorGuy also has cleaning equipment, for use in large or small spaces, to make the job of applying floor cleaners and finishes easier. Find auto-scrub floor machines from Square Scrub and Tornado, machine pads and brushes from 3M, Twister and more as well as a selection of flat and string commercial floor mops and two-bucket mopping systems. We can even help you with financing on commercial floor cleaning systems.

Not everyone is a flooring expert, so rely on the staff at 1877FloorGuy for expert floor maintenance information and products. Get answers to your floor cleaning questions and find help selecting the right products to maintain your resilient floors so they look good as new for as long as possible. We're more than happy to help you find the appropriate cleaners, maintainers, finishes and more for rubber and linoleum floors if you contact us.