Congoleum Floor Care & Maintenance

Congoleum Floor Care & Maintenance
Follow the simple recommendations provided by Congoleum for cleaning, protecting and removing floor stains on your Congoleum luxury sheet vinyl, plank or tile floor to keep it looking fresh- Congoleum provided instructions on pg 85-86 of the Congoleum 2019 Product Guide.   Or go to the Congoleum website where you can click through floor care Overview, Preventive Care & more for newly installed VCT, LVT, LVP or Luxury Sheet Vinyl.
For post-installation cleaning, timing & recommended cleaning products follow Congoleum instructions for care in their 'Immediately After Installation' guideline. Use the Congoleum 'Preventive Care' section for knowing how to correctly fit chairs and tables with top quality floor protectors and to see what else you need to minimize floor scuffs and scratches on your Congoluem flooring.

Regular floor care & routine cleaning are essential to maintaining any floor, including Congoleum resilient floors, in top condition. The first step in regular floor care is sweeping, or vacuuming on hard floor setting, to lift loose dirt and crumbs from the floor. It is important to use a quality floor cleaner like Congoleum Bright n Easy Cleaner with a clean mop head. Choose your mopping style - wet mop   or   spray & wipe flat mop - based on your personal preference and on the type of Congoleum floor in your home. Set up a routine, either daily, weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the amount of foot traffic and dirt that accumulates on the floor. The more often you lift dirt from the floor, the better it will look long-term!

1877FloorGuy has a wide selection of chair leg protectors, all commercial quality, that will provide the ultimate protection against scratches on your floor. Choose the chair leg pads that best suit your style. The same goes for entry door mats that have non-staining backs so they are safe for use on your luxury vinyl flooring and they are commercial quality to provide excellent protection against water and debris that tracks in from outdoors.

Congoleum resilient floors including VCT and Luxury Vinyl Sheet, Plank & Tile are resistant to stains, spills and scuffs however sometimes it can happen so Congoleum has provided a list of common issues and how to fix the problem area. For best results, wipe up spills right away. When in doubt, call 1877FloorGuy Customer Support for expert advice on repairing a damaged area of your Congoleum flooring.