Hallmark Floors - Maintenance

Hallmark Floors - Maintenance
Hallmark Floors maintenance products are here, at 1877FloorGuy, for keeping your Hallmark Hardwood & Luxury Vinyl Plank floors clean and refreshed! Cleaning and preventing stains on Hallmark floors requires specific floor care products for Hallmark Hardwood Floor Collections & Hallmark Waterproof Flooring. Hallmark has created a complete line of floor maintenance products for all of their flooring types including oil treated NuOil® wood floors, TrueMark® Poly and Glaze Tek® hardwood floors, and Luxury Vinyl Plank, Tile, & Rigid SPC Waterproof floors. For more information on Hallmark Floors Maintenance, go to the Hallmark website Care page.
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Hallmark TrueClean, 32oz Spray
TrueMark Hardwood & LVT Cleaner
As Low As$18.45
Hallmark TrueClean, 1-Gallon Refill
TrueMark Hardwood & LVT Cleaner
Hallmark NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner, 32oz Spray
NuOil Hardwood Cleaner
As Low As$18.45
Hallmark NuOil White Oil Cleaner, 32oz Spray
NuOil Hardwood Cleaner WHITE
As Low As$21.60
Hallmark NuOil ReNu, 32oz Spray
NuOil Oil Refresher
As Low As$19.08
Hallmark NuOil ReNu, 1-Gallon
NuOil Oil Refresher
Hallmark NuOil Restoration Oil, 1-Liter
NuOil Restoration Oil
Hallmark NuOil White Restoration Oil, 200ml
NuOil Restoration Oil WHITE
Hallmark NuOil White Restoration Oil, 1-Liter
NuOil Restoration Oil WHITE
Floorguy 17-inch Mop Frame & Handle
Commercial | Residential Mop
19 inch Blue Microfiber Mop Pad
Commercial | Residential Mop Pad
Bona Premium Microfiber Mop Set, 15-in base
Residential Mop Set
As Low As$26.55
Sh-Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Cover, 8x15
Cotton Mop Pad
No Longer Available
32 oz. Spray Bottle
Spray Bottle
As Low As$5.18
Hallmark Refresh, 1-Liter
TrueMark Hardwood Refresher
No Longer Available
Hallmark TrueClean Floor Care Kit
TrueMark Hardwood & LVT Mop Kit
No Longer Available
Hallmark NuOil Floor Care Kit
NuOil Oiled Hardwood Mop Kit
No Longer Available
Hallmark Floor care products are formulated & tested to ensure the best results on Hallmark handcrafted wood and waterproof floors. The range of products made for and by Hallmark floors includes TrueClean floor cleaner for urethane coated and waterproof floors and NuOil Natural Cleaner for oil finished hardwoods. Hallmark also makes refreshing and restoring products for their hand crafted wood floors, both oil and urethane coated.

Wood is a natural product and will vary in color, gloss and grain appearance from board to board, and from batch to batch. This is considered a natural aspect of the product. Color changes will occur when wood is exposed to UV rays from sunlight, florescent, LED, and incandescent light bulbs. The reaction varies by color and wood species. Air exposure creates the natural process of oxidation. These effects are referred to as patina or a natural process of wood aging.

For any Hallmark Floor, lift dust and dirt with regular vacuuming or sweeping for good long term performance of the floor. Using an UNTREATED dust mop to remove dust and pet hair is also a great way to keep your floors looking their best. DO NOT use treated commercial dust-mop or treated dust pads of any kind as they contain chemicals and solvents that will leave a chemical residue on the floor.

Only use Hallmark maintenance products to clean, refresh or re-oil. Other cleaning products may contain ingredients harmful to your floor. DO NOT use oil soaps, paste wax, or other cleaners containing lemon oil, citrus oils, Tung oils, ammonia, or cleaners containing silicone. DO NOT use two in one cleaners that contain acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss. Use of these products invalidates the Hallmark flooring warranty and may cause damage to your hardwood or waterproof floor.

To minimize floor scuff and scratch marks, protect your Hallmark floor with non-staining door mats at entry doors, felt chair leg pads on chair and furniture legs, use moving slides with felt bottoms to move heavy furniture or equipment, keep pet nails trimmed, keep high-heeled shoes in good shape or better yet off the floor, use non-staining rug backers under area rugs.

To limit floor stains and prevent moisture damage, wipe up spills right away and follow with an appropriate Hallmark floor cleaning product. Do not use string mops, sponge mops, or steam cleaners to clean a Hallmark Floor. Do not saturate floor during cleaning. For complete floor maintenance information, reference the Hallmark Maintenance Guide for your specific Hallmark brand floor.