Hallmark NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner, 1-Gallon

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Hallmark NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner, 1-GallonHallmark NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner, 1-Gallon
Brand:Hallmark Floors
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Product Description

Refill your Hallmark Nu Oil® Natural Oil Cleaner Spray with this 1-Gallon Refill of NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner. No mixing or measuring required. This is a ready to use refill cleaner for cleaning Hallmark Nu Oil finished hardwood floors. Gently shake the bottle of cleaner before dispensing to thoroughly blend the cleaning agents and nourishing oils in the floor cleaning solution.

Follow instructions for cleaning as indicated on the bottle of Hallmark Natural Oil Cleaner Spray to clean your oiled hardwood floor. Clean with spray NuOil Natural Cleaner and a flat microfiber mop. For best cleaning results, always use a clean mop pad. Wood oil spray cleaner and mop can be purchased in a set, Hallmark NuOil Care Kit.

As the only approved cleaning product for Hallmark NuOil® wood floors, Hallmark NuOil® Natural Oil Cleaner will leave your floors clean and enriched with just a bit of oil. Use it to clean the entire floor and to spot clean after spills. Clean-up spills right away to prevent damage to the floor, wash floor completely on a routine basis and apply Hallmark NuOil ReNu® Cleaner periodically to replenish oils in floor. Keeping up this routine will help to maintain the stain resistant oils in the floor. High traffic areas can be treated with NuOil ReNu Cleaner additionally if needed.
  • SDS for NuOil Natural Cleaner
  • 1-Gallon Refill
  • For use on Hallmark Nu Oil® & Nu Oil® Super Matte finished floors
  • Use NuOil Natural Cleaner for overall floor cleaning & spot cleaning on oil-treated Hallmark wood floors
  • 32-Ounce Spray can be purchased separately.
Hallmark Nu Oil® Oiled Hardwood Floors are highly resistant to surface stains however if a stain happens on your Hallmark NuOil or NuOil Super Matte finished floor, first clean with Natural Oil Cleaner then treat the area with NuOil Restoration Oil.