Hallmark NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner, 32oz Spray

Hallmark NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner, 32oz Spray
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Use Hallmark Nu Oil® Natural Oil Cleaner for regular floor cleaning of Hallmark hardwood floors that have a Nu Oil finish. In a 32-ounce spray bottle, NuOil Natural Oil floor cleaner is ready to use on Hallmark Nu Oil finished floors.

Gently shake the 32 oz spray bottle of NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner, for approx 30 seconds, before use in order to blend the natural oils and cleaning agents. Follow instructions on the bottle of Hallmark Natural Oil Cleaner to clean your oiled hardwood floor. Use a flat microfiber mop like the one included in the NuOil Floor Care Kit. Spray cleaner onto the mop pad to moisten then spray cleaner directly on the floor in a fine mist. Mop along the floor planks with the grain of the wood. Work in small sections and continue until floor is cleaned. When the mop pad is dirty, replace it with a clean one. Launder microfiber mop heads after each use.

Spills on your Hallmark Nu Oil wood floor can be cleaned up with a moistened, well wrung out, clean cloth or sponge. Once the spill is removed, clean with Nu Oil Natural Cleaner and a clean towel or cloth moistened with cleaner to remove all remaining residue. Spills must be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage to the floor. Apply Hallmark NuOil ReNu® Cleaner periodically to replenish oils in floor, retain shine and minimize the appearance of floor scratch marks, especially in high traffic areas. Hallmark Nu Oil® Oiled Hardwood Floors are highly resistant to surface stains however if a stain happens on your Hallmark NuOil or NuOil Super Matte finished floor, first clean with NuOil Natural Oil Cleaner then treat the area with NuOil Restoration Oil.