Hallmark NuOil ReNu COMMERCIAL Strength, 1-Gallon

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Hallmark NuOil ReNu COMMERCIAL Strength, 1-GallonHallmark NuOil ReNu COMMERCIAL Strength, 1-Gallon
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Product Description

Commercial Hallmark NuOil finished hardwood floors will benefit from periodic maintenance with Hallmark NuOil ReNu Commercial Strength, 1-Gallon to replenish the natural oils in the floor that provide ongoing protection against spills and scuffs. Use ReNu Commercial Strength every 4 months or more frequently depending upon traffic patterns. The commercial strength ReNu Cleaner will provide the increased protection required in retail, hospitality and other commercial facilities. Hallmark Nu Oil ReNu® Commercial Strength Cleaner is all natural, organic and VOC free.
  • ReNu Commercial Strength is best applied from a spray bottle. Shake the gallon bottle of NuOil ReNu to blend the natural ingredients prior to use.
  • First sweep or vacuum floor on hard floor setting to lift loose dirt and dust. Then clean the floor with Hallmark NuOil Natural Cleaner.
  • Shake spray bottle to ensure ReNu is well blended before application. Spray directly onto the floor and spread with a 100% cotton terry cloth boot mop cover. Work in sections to prevent sprayed ReNu from drying too quickly before it is wiped into floor.
  • When application is complete, allow 60-90 minutes dry time before walking on the treated floor surface and before replacing furniture that may have been moved prior to refreshing floor oil.
  • NuOil ReNu Commercial Strength Safety Data Sheet
ReNu Commercial Stength should be applied to Hallmark NuOil oiled wood floors in commercial facilities only. Apply every 4 months or more frequently. Contact Hallmark Floors directly with questions about frequency for commercial NuOil wood floor maintenance routines.