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At 1877FloorGuy, we know Floor Care Brands because we sell thousands of products by hundreds of top floor care brands. Find exactly what you are searching for by brand then item. If you need assistance, contact us. Our floor care super store has been selling and answering questions about brands of floor cleaner, polish and touch up repair kits for years. Quickly shop for the exact brand you want to find in the easy to use Shop by Brand section of our floor care supplies store. Find top selling brands such as Armstrong, Bona, Diversey, Woca and more. If you get to your brand and find the item you want is no longer available, such as products by Centi, Mannington, Forbo & Congoleum, go to the Discontinued-Replacements Page Some floor care brand names are the same as the flooring manufacturer name while others are different yet recommended for cleaning and care by the Flooring Manufacturer.
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Duchateau Floor Care Products
Oiled Wood Floor Care
Expanded Technologies
Furniture Floor Protectors
EZ Moves Furniture Slides & Glides
Furniture Slides - Floor & Carpet
FlexiFelt Floor Protectors
Furniture Floor Protectors
Libman Commercial Cleaning Supplies
Commercial | Residential Supplies
Tornado Automatic Scrub Floor Machines | Brushes
Automatic Scrubbers & Swing Machines
Woca Oiled Wood Floor Care
Oiled Wood Floor Care
If your flooring manufacturer doesn't recommend a specific brand of cleaning products, 1877FloorGuy can help you find a safe, high-quality cleaner that will provide fresh clean results and is safe for your floors. When you find that the floor care brand you have been buying for years is discontinued, a replacement product is often identified on the brand page but be well assured that you can contact 1877FloorGuy customer support when you have questions about changing the cleaning or polishing product you've been using to maintain your floor.

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As a leader in floor cleaning product sales, we always want our customers to have a great shopping experience. To best service our shoppers, the 1 877 FloorGuy Customer Support Team provides qualified information regarding use and recommendations for floor cleaning and care products via telephone or email - your preference. You will speak with a live team member when you call 1-877-FloorGuy, often on the first try. Our trained team is ready to answer questions about product, shipping, application and anything else floor care related. Don't just take our word for it, see what past verified buyers say about shopping at!