KARNDEAN Residential | Commercial Care

KARNDEAN Residential | Commercial Care
Karndean Design Flooring offers an impressive line of high-quality, customizable luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl plank flooring, and it's important that you choose cleaning products, strippers and finishes that are formulated specifically for the enhancement and preservation of these materials.
With care products specific to Karndean residential or commercial flooring, you will find it important to know what type of Karndean Design floor is in your home or place of business before ordering cleaning and care products to maintain the floor. The differences may seem subtle to a homeowner or facilities maintenance crew but there is a method to this distinction important to the outcome of your particular maintenance routine.

Homeowners can keep their Karndean floors gleaming with the all-inclusive Karndean Residential Floor Care Kit that comes with Karndean Clean, Karndean Remove and Karndean Refresh plus a mop head, applicator pad, a non-abrasive scrub pad and a pack of floor protectors. For maintaining and cleaning Karndean commercial floors, be sure to select Karndean Routine Cleaner and other commercial vinyl cleaners and refresher finishes that provide effective, efficient care for high-traffic areas in public buildings, cafeterias and healthcare facilities.

Pairing your Karndean cleaners with furniture floor protectors that reduce scuff marks and scratches in both residential and commercial spaces is a bright idea. These products, along with entry area floor mats, should be an essential part of your LVT maintenance program and will help protect your investment for years to come.