Woca Oiled Wood Floor Care

Woca Oiled Wood Floor Care
WOCA wood oil finishes and maintenance products bring out the beauty in hardwood floors with enriching oils that keep the wood well protected with a natural appearance. Woca oils, lyes, soaps, refreshers and cleaners are all part of an full range of products for pre-treatment, basic finishing and maintenance of different types of oil flooring finishes on different species of wood. When you narrow the field of Woca products to those needed to initially treat and to routinely clean and maintain your floor, the selection becomes easier to navigate. Follow Woca provided floor maintenance routines, in documents you can print, for Residential, High-traffic Commercial or Low-traffic Commercial floors.
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The overall purpose of pre-treating wood floors with Woca Intensive Cleaner before applying wood oil is to prepare the floor to best absorb the nourishing natural oils in Woca Master Oil, Diamond Oil or Diamond Oil Active. Woca pre treatment Lye is a great way to create a distinct designer look prior to oiling the wood floor. All pre-treatments are finished with one of the WOCA basic treatment products including Master and Color Oils or Diamond Oils. Invisible Oil treatment should be preceded with Invisible Oil Primer.

Woca floor finishing products are based on natural oils and soaps, which strengthen and stimulate the natural qualities of the wood. Regular maintenance with Woca Soap, Natural or White, Woca Oil Refresher and/or Woca Maintenance Gel is vital to keep Woca Oil Finished wood flooring in a strong and beautiful condition for a long time. Well-kept Woca wood floors are easier to keep clean and do a better job at resisting damage from spills and floor scratches. Using a quality cotton string mop, like the Woca Swep Mop, is critical to successful cleaning with Woca Soap as microfiber can fray and scratch oiled hardwood flooring. Regular sweeping and using soft felt pad on chair legs and other furniture will add to the longevity of your Woca oil finished floor.

Questions about Woca oil application or cleaning procedures should be directed to 1877FloorGuy Customer Support for reliable information about how to use Woca products.