WOCA Wood Cleaner (Only use for prep prior to applying oil)

WOCA Wood Cleaner (for oil prep only)
If you're planning any type of oiling of wood floors, you'll want to use WOCA Wood Cleaner prior to any work. It's important that the floors are properly prepped to maximize the impact of the oil.

Wood Floor Cleaner/ Preparation is used whenever a wood floor is to be oiled, whether for the first time or for maintenance oiling. The floor is mopped with a mixture of Wood Floor Cleaner/Preparation and water in order to clean the floor and to open the grain so that a maximum amount of oil can penetrate the floor surface.

The wood cleaner is not only good for oiled floors, but lye-treated, soaped and lacquered floors as well. It's also perfect for unfinished wall and ceiling panels and furniture. WOCA wood cleaner has a bevy of uses that make is a must-have for residential and commercial wood floor cleaning.

Wood Cleaner Application

For Unfinished and Soap Finished Wood

Mix 150 milliliters of cleaner with 5 liters of lukewarm water and scrub the floor with a brush or pad or a floor machine if the floor is particularly dirty. Wipe the floor clean with a mop or cloth and repeat if needed.

Soaped surfaces have a protective layer that is removed with the cleaner. So, after floor is dry use WOCA Natural Soap as a necessary second step.

Oiled Wood and Parquet Flooring

The instructions are the same as the soap finished wood, except planks with little wear can be cleaned with natural soap, but places of heavier wear should be maintained with WOCA maintenance paste or oil.

Coverage: 2,000-3,000sf per liter

Safety Data: WOCA Wood Cleaner SDS
Woca Cleaner, 1-Liter
Oiled Wood Prep
Woca Cleaner, 2.5-Liter
Oiled Wood Prep