Chair Leg & Furniture Floor Protectors

Chair Leg & Furniture Floor Protectors
Get commercial quality chair leg protectors that stay in place to protect floors in business facilities and homes alike. Choose from hundreds of options. Buy in packs of 8 to 1000. High-quality furniture floor protectors with strong grip and thick protective felt minimize scratch and scuff marks on hardwood, luxury vinyl and more. Shop the largest selection of chair leg protectors to find the right solution for your furniture at home, in school classrooms, healthcare facilities and restaurants. You will find furniture floor protectors for tubular sled base chairs, wood tables and chairs, rolling caster chairs, and even wobble chairs. Decide the best size, attachment option and fit with items that stick, grip, wrap, or mechanically affix with a nail or screw. Protect the investment in your floors by using top quality chair leg and furniture floor protectors on all furniture and equipment that might scratch your floor.
Scratchnomore Footclick2 Wood Chair Glides
Wood Chair Leg Floor Protector
Expanded Clear Sleeve Floor Protectors
Felt Furniture Pads - Clear Sleeve
Replacement Chair Tip Black, 7/8 in, 100/pkg
Felt Furniture Pads - Black Sleeve
Heavy Duty Cut-to-Size Felt Floor Protector Pads
Felt Furniture Pads - Cut to Size
Scratchnomore ChairFixx Sled Base Glides
Sled base Chair Leg Protectors
Wrap Around Felt Floor Saver Furniture Pads
Felt Furniture Pads - Sled Base
Flexi-Felt Sled Base Clip-on Chair Glide
Felt Furniture Pads - Sled Base
Scratchnomore Footfixx Chair Glides
Wood or Metal Chair Leg Floor Protectors
Desk Chair Felt Bell Glide, 2-inch, set of 5
Desk Chair Felt Glides Set
Chair Caster Covers
Chair Caster Wheel Cover
Expanded Gripper™ Pads
Gripper Furniture Pads
Slip Over® Floor Savers™
Felt Furniture Pads - Classroom
Expanded Vending Machine Floor Savers
Felt Furniture Pads - Vending
Expanded Heavy Duty Tap-in Felt Pads
Felt Furniture Pads - Wood Chairs
EZ Moves Furniture Slides & Glides
Furniture Slides - Floor & Carpet
Expanded Technologies
Furniture Floor Protectors
FlexiFelt Floor Protectors
Furniture Floor Protectors
Most flooring manufacturers recommend chair leg protectors in their floor care instructions because they know the value in fitting chairs, tables and equipment with commercial quality soft felt glides that minimize wear and improve the longevity of your floor. Many items in this Chair Leg & Furniture Floor Protectors section can be purchased as a sample, either individually, in a 4-pack or in the case of Clear Sleeve Chair Leg Protectors, in a sample pack. Sample chair leg pads is the best way to find the right fit for the furniture and equipment in your home or business facility. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us for assistance. Already have a scratch mark on a luxury vinyl floor and want to fix it, the Dr Schutz ScratchFix Kit may just be the right solution.