Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Floor Protectors - Peel & Stick

Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Floor Protectors - Peel & Stick
Thick durable heavy duty felt furniture pads with easy peel and stick backing in sizes ranging from 3/4-inch to 1-3/4 inch diameter for use on chair legs and other furniture and equipment to protect luxury vinyl floor and other hard surface floors from scratch and scuff marks. Expanded and Flexi-Felt brands are commercial quality felt furniture pads with thick commercial grade dark brown felt pads that stay firmly in place on chair legs to withstand daily use and protect the surface of the floor in commercial facilities such as schools and medical facilities, and in homes. These quality round, felt peel and stick floor protectors come in packs of 4, 8, 16, 100, 500 & 1000. Package sizes vary by brand, Flexi-Felt or Expanded, and furniture floor protector size. For recommended use, application instructions, how to maintain your heavy duty felt floor protectors, continue to bottom of page, below items. This item ships free via standard shipping method within the contiguous US. Peel & Stick floor protector sizes include 3/4in - 7/8in - 1in - 1-1/4in - 1-1/2in - 1-3/4in diameter. Institutional, Commercial & Residential Use.
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The round, thick felt chair leg pads glide easily on a wood, LVT and other hard surface or resilient floors without scratching the floor. The adhesive on the back side of the pad is strong to hold secure to the bottom of the furniture leg while the commercial grade felt provides a soft, durable surface to move on the floor. The smooth felt pads are the right material for use as chair glides on hardwood, vinyl -sheet, luxury lvt, vct, rubber, linoleum and other flooring to minimize scratches and scuffing caused by furniture movement. For the best performance, the round, flat felt pad should be the same size or smaller in diameter than the chair leg. Using Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Floor Protector Pads on chair legs does an excellent job of protecting the floor from scratches caused by repetitive furniture movement.

Application: For easiest application of round flat peel and stick felt furniture protective pads, turn chair upside down onto a table. Prepare wood chair legs by smoothing the bottom surface with sandpaper then wiping the surface clean with a cloth. For preparing chairs with metal or plastic legs, clean the bottom chair leg surface with isopropyl alcohol and wipe dry. Peel the paper off the adhesive side of the felt pad and press the felt chair leg pad into place on chair leg. Do the same for each chair leg or evenly distribute the felt pads on a flat based item.

Maintenance: Felt pads should be wiped cleaned with a microfiber cloth and brushed with a wire bristle brush -or- vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner attachment to periodically to remove dust and small bits of dirt buildup. Place each chair on it's back or upside down to most easily access the felt pads.

Replacement: Replace felt pads when they become worn. The amount of time pads can be used before needing replacement will vary depending on how much use, how dirty the floor gets, and frequency of floor cleaning and felt pad maintenance. To replace stick-on felt pads, peel the existing pad off of each chair leg. Use a scraper if needed to start lifting the pad off of the chair leg. Then follow the application procedure to apply new felt floor protector pads. Turning the chair upside down on a table top before starting will make the job easier.