Duchateau Floor Care Products

Duchateau Floor Care Products
Duchateau brand oil-finished wood floor care products are formulated specifically for use on Duchateau Oil-Finished Hardwood Floors. Duchateau Premium Floor Cleaner & Protectant and Duchateau Maintenance Oil are the only two floor maintenance products approved for use on Duchateau Oiled Hardwoods. These two maintenance products are all that is needed to keep your oiled wood floors looking their best. Made with top quality ingredients, the no-rinse cleaner/protector is safe and effective for routine cleaning leaving behind an invisible layer of protection to maintain the water and stain resistant properties of Duchateau oiled wood flooring while the natural maintenance oil is intended for occasional use to replenish oils that absorb deep into the wood floor for long term beauty and performance.
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How to Care for Your Duchateau Hard-Wax Oil Floor

New Duchateau Oil Finished hardwood floors will require both products to keep it properly maintained long term but the Cleaner Protectant is the first item you should purchase for regular cleaning. Duchateau cleaner protectant is a concentrated solution that dilutes with water for use. Always use a two bucket system - one bucket for cleaning solution and the other for rinse water. Follow use instructions provided by Duchateau. Use a self-wringing, no-fray cotton string mop like the Libman Big Tornado Mop or use a household sponge mop. Mop should be new so it does not contain other types of cleaning solutions that may be incompatible with your oil finished floor. Thoroughly rinse mop and let it dry between uses. Always wring mop tightly while cleaning oiled floors so floor is not saturated and cleaning solution does not puddle on floor. Cleaning frequency will depend on foot traffic and whether the floor is in a residential or commercial space. Never use microfiber cloths or pads on your oil finished hardwood floors.

Duchateau Premium Floor Cleaner & Protectant

Duchateau Premium Floor Cleaner & Protectant, available in a convenient 1-liter bottle, is a must-have for maintaining the pristine beauty of your Duchateau oiled hardwood floors. Crafted with natural ingredients, this environmentally friendly wood care product offers a dual-action solution by effectively cleaning dirt and adding a protective layer to resist scuffs, dirt, and stains. With a coverage of up to 4000 square feet when properly diluted, this concentrate ensures cost-effective and long-lasting floor care.

The product comes with easy-to-follow directions for optimal usage. Employing a 2-bucket mopping system and a cotton self-wringing string mop, the cleaner should be applied in the direction of the wood grain, ensuring not to saturate the floor. The formula is specifically designed for use on all colors and natural oil finished wood floors by Duchateau, making it an essential tool for routine maintenance and care.

Importantly, Duchateau Premium Floor Cleaner & Protectant is the only approved cleaning product for Duchateau hard-wax oiled floors. The avoidance of alcohol-containing products is emphasized, as alcohol can harm the vital waxes and oils in the hard-wax oil floor. This product serves as an essential tool in maintaining the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your Duchateau hardwood floors.

Duchateau Natural Maintenance Oil

Available in a convenient 1-liter (33.8oz) bottle. It is the perfect solution for preserving the beauty and resilience of your Duchateau hard-wax oiled wood surfaces. Crafted by Duchateau Floors, a trusted name in hardwood flooring, this maintenance oil is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. It offers a protective layer that resists various substances, including wine, beer, cola, coffee, and more, ensuring your floors stay pristine even in high-traffic areas.

The application of Duchateau Maintenance Oil is straightforward. Always refer to the manufacturer instructions for your specific floor for proper care. The oil is easily spread with a clean, lint-free rag, hand sponge, or a standard sponge mop. One bottle provides coverage for approximately 400 square feet of flooring, making it a cost-effective choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Make sure you never pour the oil directly from the bottle onto the floor and do not let the product puddle or pool on the floor. If too much oil is applied, the floor may need to be buffed so carefully apply oil in a thin even coat as directed in maintenance instructions. Apply the oil periodically to nourish the floor and maintain its resilience, enhancing the longevity of your hardwood floors. On occasion, Maintenance Oil may be used to lift floor stains when Cleaner & Protectant is not enough.

Duchateau's commitment to sustainability and ease of maintenance shines through in the use of natural oils, making their hardwood floors environmentally friendly and easy to repair. The product is specifically formulated for hard-wax oiled floors, ensuring that it enhances the natural beauty of the wood while providing long-lasting protection. With Duchateau Natural Maintenance Oil, you're not just preserving your floors; you're making a choice for beauty, longevity, and sustainability in hardwood floor care.

Duchateau Maintenance Oil White

Duchateau Maintenance Oil White is a specialized solution designed to refresh and maintain the pristine white appearance of Duchateau White Oil-treated floors. This 1-liter can provides optimal coverage, approximately 750 square feet, ensuring a comprehensive treatment for your white oiled hardwood flooring. The product offers excellent stain resistance to common substances like wine, coffee, water, and juice, providing long-lasting protection against routine wear and floor stains. It's crucial to follow the instructions provided in the Duchateau Oil Finish Floor Maintenance Guide, and only experienced floor finishing professionals should apply the White Maintenance Oil to prevent any potential discoloration or damage.

For regular annual care of residential home floors, Duchateau white maintenance oil is recommended to rejuvenate and enrich the surface coat of oil, enhancing the floor's durability and aesthetic appeal. Commercial flooring may require more frequent applications to withstand heavy traffic. The application process involves thorough cleaning, stirring the oil well, and applying a thin layer along the wood grain. Proper drying time, ranging from 12 to 48 hours, ensures optimal hardness and performance. It's essential to strictly adhere to the instructions outlined in the Duchateau Maintenance Guidelines for Oil finished floors and the product label for successful application and maintenance.

Duchateau White Maintenance Oil is designed for professional use only and should be used annually to renew the floor's white appearance. It's crucial to note that misuse of this product on other Duchateau floor types may lead to significant discoloration or damage, emphasizing the importance of hiring experienced finishers familiar with wood stains.