Libman Big Tornado Mop

Libman Big Tornado MopLibman Big Tornado MopLibman Big Tornado MopLibman Big Tornado MopLibman Big Tornado Mop
Mfr. Part No:988
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Product Description

Self-wringing wet mop with easy twist handle to wring out excess floor cleaning solution, Libman® Big Tornado Mop. Libman #988 Big Tornado string mop head is 1-inch longer than the standard Tornado mop to cover more floor area faster. The 54-1/2 inch long handle is easy to maneuver for quick floor cleaning without getting your hands wet. Simply dip the Libman Big Tornado mop into a bucket of diluted floor cleaning solution, lift mop and twist the wringer grip to get the right amount of dampness in the mop head. A durable, professional-grade alternative to a sponge mop or standard string mop.
  • Light-weight at less than 3-1/2 pounds wet, and less than 2 lbs dry
  • No-tangle mop head
  • Synthetic yarn is resistant to bacterial odor
  • Quick release clip for easy mop head replacement
  • 3/4 inch powder coated steel handle provides long term durability
Residential or Commercial use. Excellent for housekeeping - at home, in hospitality environments, office spaces, retail stores or other facilities with floors that require wet mopping. Libman Big Tornado Mop pairs well with the Libman two-bin mop bucket, so you can utilize one side of the double bucket for cleaning solution and the other side for clean water to rinse the mop head.

When mopping the floor is all done, thoroughly rinse your Libman mop, twist the integral handle grip to wring out, then allow it to air dry so it's ready for the next use.

Do not use Libman Big Tornado Mop on unfinished, oiled or waxed plank wood floors or on unsealed tile floors.