Libman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop Bucket

Libman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop BucketLibman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop BucketLibman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop BucketLibman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop Bucket
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Product Description

Large 4 gallon, 2-sided bucket is excellent for wet mopping making it simple to keep cleaning solution in one half of the bucket and clean rinse water in the other half. Since most resilient flooring makers recommend a separate bucket for rinse water, this makes cleaning the floor a cinch because the 2-bucket bucket puts it together in one carry-size 4-gallon bucket. The bucket handle is designed to reduce strain on your hand when the bucket is full and the basins are deep enough so sloshing water doesn't spill on the floor as you move the bucket with you.

The bucket is black and measures 16 x 13.25 inches overall, with 7.75 x 12.75 inch individual compartments. Side pouring spouts ease the process of emptying the buckets when cleaning the floor is complete.

This mop can be ordered with the Libman Big Tornado mop or one of the O'Cedar string mops for a complete setup to keep resilient or tiled flooring fresh and clean. This mop bucket is constructed to stand up to commercial use in retail stores, cafeterias, restrooms, office lunchrooms and more. Use in your home for large room residential cleaning or for a janitorial business is highly recommended.

The bucket itself is fairly lightweight however keep in mind that, when filled with water and cleaning solution, this four gallon bucket will weigh up to sixteen pounds or more, depending on how filled it is. The weight can be reduced or increased by adjusting the amount of water that is in the bucket.