Adore Flooring Care

Adore Flooring Care
All you need to know about maintaining adore® flooring can be found right here at for all adore® floors including Context sterile sheet vinyl, Alette LVT and LVP, and Regent rigid core waterproof plank style flooring. Following a basic set of guidelines for protection and routine maintenance will ensure you get the most out of your floors for years to come. Use maintenance products specified in Adore floor cleaning & maintenance instructions for residential or commercial care. Download instructions from the Maintenance Documents menu below or view maintenance information on the Adore website, Find Adore recommended Hilway Direct floor cleaner and polish, Diversey spray buff solution, chair leg protectors, entry area floor mats, furniture moving slides & more.
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Adore - Residential
Adore Residential Floor Care
Adore - Commercial
Adore Commercial Floor Care
Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner
Commercial | Residential Cleaner
Hilway Direct Matte Finish
Commercial | Residential Finish
Hilway Direct Satin Finish
Commercial | Residential Finish
Hilway Direct Allsafe Stripper
Commercial | Residential Stripper
Chair Leg & Furniture Floor Protectors
Furniture Floor Protectors - All Styles
Door Mats
Commercial | Residential Floor Mats
EZ Moves Furniture Slides & Glides
Furniture Slides - Floor & Carpet
Tornado Automatic Scrub Floor Machines | Brushes
Automatic Scrubbers & Swing Machines
In addition to a quality neutral cleaner, like Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner, that is safe to use for daily cleaning, you will also find options for floor finishes that apply to Adore floors. Satin and matte finishes by Hilway Direct enhance your Adore floors at home or in the workplace. Diversey SnapBack Spray Buff provide ongoing luster and minimizes the appearance of floor scuffs and scratches in commercial facilities. One feature that sets 1877FloorGuy apart from competitors is a well-trained, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Someone is on hand now to help answer any questions you may have regarding any of these Adore floor maintenance products.