Armstrong Residential & Commercial

Armstrong Residential & Commercial
Easily find Armstrong Flooring Installation and Maintenance products for commercial and residential Armstrong floors including Armstrong Strong System Installation supplies and Armstrong brand floor cleaning and maintenance products. Shop all Armstrong IMA products or shop by Armstrong floor type - Residential Vinyl, LVT, & Rigid Core products including Once n Done cleaners, Shinekeeper & Satinkeeper finishes, and New Beginnings Deep Cleaning Floor Stripper. Shop the replacement product for Pattern Plus Shine, Armstrong Shinekeeper, for polishing Hartco acrylic-impregnated hardwood floors. Find installation and cleaning products for Armstrong Commercial Resilient Floors or Armstrong Commercial Linoleum Floors, by shopping the section that corresponds with your Armstrong floor.
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Armstrong Installation & Maintenance Products

Armstrong Flooring is now a division of AHF. They place craftsmanship at the forefront of their mission. With a legacy dating back to the late 1800s, AHF has been a trusted name in the industry, adorning American homes for over a century. Armstrong Flooring's commitment to manufacturing beautiful and durable hard surface flooring is evident in a diverse range of textures, styles, and designs tailored to meet the needs of both consumers and commercial markets. You'll find their flooring solutions across three sectors:

Builder / Pro Flooring - Dedicated to serving large residential construction projects

Residential Flooring - Providing solutions for homes

Commercial Flooring - Catering to the unique demands of commercial spaces like schools and hospitals. carries all the Armstrong flooring installation and maintenance products you need to protect and care for your floor.

Armstrong Floor Cleaner

Many people are asking what happened to Armstrong floor cleaner? Is Armstrong floor cleaner discontinued? Since Armstrong joined the AHF Flooring family, there have been some changes in recommendation for floor cleaning products. Youíll still be able to find the discontinued products on our website until we are completely out of stock. Donít despair if you canít find the product you used to use. We have a complete guide to replacement products for all your Armstrong favorites.

So, if youíre looking for Armstrong Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrate, youíll want to switch to Armstrong Once 'n Done No-Rinse Floor Cleaner Concentrate instead. Top selling Armstrong Once n Done No-Rinse floor cleaner provides fresh clean results on Armstrong Residential LVT, Resilient & Ceramic floors. Older Armstrong Residential Vinyl floors will benefit from Satinkeeper or Shinekeeper Flooring Finishes to maintain shine. For floors previously coated with Pattern Plus Shine, the replacement product is Armstrong Shinekeeper which includes use on Hartco acrylic-impregnated floors.

Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate floor is now found under the brand name, Bruce, which includes popular Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner.

Armstrong Flooring Adhesives

When it comes to installing Armstrong Commercial and Residential LVT and Vinyl Sheet floors, we have the product you need for a quick grab and strong hold such as the Armstrong S-295 Flooring Adhesive or Armstrong S-1000 Flooring Adhesive.

If youíre looking to install VCT, make your go-to supplier for Armstrong S-202 Static Dissipative Tile Adhesive or Armstrong S-515 Clear Thin-Spread Adhesive. Many of these adhesives come in convenient sizing ranging from 1 gallon to 4 gallon buckets. 

Armstrong Flooring Strong System Products

The Strong System comprises subfloor preparation products designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial installations. Products such as the S-466 or Armstrong S-456 Patch Strong provide high performance patching for installing Armstrong Commercial LVT, Linoleum, VCT and Rubber floors. also has you covered with Strong System primer and moisture mitigation products such as S-462 Seal Strong moisture remediation and S-465 Prime Strong Non-Porous. Armstrong Strong System subfloor treatment and adhesive supplies include leveling compounds and flooring adhesives for recommended floor prep and installation.