Armstrong S-465 NP Prime Strong Parts A&B, 1-Gal

Armstrong S-465 NP Prime Strong Parts A&B, 1-GalZoom
Mfr. Part No:S-465
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Product Description

S-465 NP Prime Strong, 1-Gallon by Armstrong Flooring, is a 2-part solvent-free epoxy primer for use on non-porous substrates with all Armstrong Flooring patches, leveling compounds, and underlayments including S-463 Level Strong or S-466 Patch Strong, and with S-462 Seal Strong moisture mitigation system. Application is with a roller or foam squeegee. Coverage is approximately 400 - 600 sf per 1-gallon container. Dry time is 3+ hours. Bonds to non-porous concrete, ceramic tile and other smooth and sound substrates.

Two component primer consists of Part A resin and Part B hardener, half gallon each. Mix full container Part A with full container Part B using a mixing paddle. Within 1 hour of mixing, apply, with a foam squeegee, short nap roller or sponge roller, to non-porous substrate. Apply thin while maintaining 100% coverage. Back roll with a dry roller to remove excess primer. Allow to dry until slightly tacky before applying underlayment- min 3 hours to max 24 hours dry time.

Before applying S465 primer, substrate must be free of dirt, debris, waxes and other contaminants including old adhesive residue. Remove adhesives and foreign matter mechanically and in accordance with industry safety procedures. Concrete floors must be free of excess moisture and alkali. Refer to Armstrong Flooring Guaranteed Installation System Manual, F-5061.
  • Armstrong S-465 NP Prime Strong SDS
  • S-465 NPN Prime Strong Technical Data
  • For professional use only.
  • Do not install below 50°F surface or ambient temperature.
  • DO NOT FREEZE. Not freeze-thaw stable.
  • Read full product and safety instructions.
  • Follow Armstrong installation prep procedures or contact Armstrong Technical Support for recommended applications.
  • Contact Armstrong Flooring Tech Support for additional application information.
  • S465 NP Prime Strong replaces S455 Prime Strong Non-Porous.