Excelsior Maintenance Products

Excelsior Maintenance Products
Excelsior floor care products fit into typical commercial floor cleaning and maintenance routines where rubber, vinyl or quartz flooring cover lots of square footage or just a small area. Large hospital floors and school hallways or smaller retail stores, office lunchrooms and medical offices all benefit from the top quality products in the Excelsior line of commercial floor care. 1877FloorGuy recommends Excelsior for rubber floor care, vinyl floor care and a variety of other resilient flooring types.

Reliable for professional maintenance of rubber, vinyl and quartz flooring products, Excelsior is recommended by ROPPE®, FLEXCO®, N+, Six Degrees and Procedo Flooring brand floors. Backed by years of industry expertise, Excelsior maintenance products deliver precision for excellent flooring maintenance results.

The full line of Excelsior floor care products includes Excelsior NC-900, a neutral pH concentrated cleaner that is safe to use on most types of resilient flooring, cleaner-maintainer for reduced strip and refinish cycles, matte and gloss level finishes for a wide range of vinyl flooring products and high performance floor finishes for safe application on rubber and other sensitive flooring types.

The brand's pH neutral floor cleaner comes highly recommended as a top-quality rubber floor cleaner, and can also be used to treat facilities that have vinyl resilient floor coverings. Excelsior also has two types of finish removers to handle a range of floor finish removal jobs, including stripping off several layers of floor wax from quartz tile and crumb rubber flooring.

When choosing cleaning and care products for a floor maintenance program, it's important to select products recommended by the flooring brand and use them as directed for your specific type of floor. ROPPE®, FLEXCO®, 6-Degrees, N Plus and Procedo Flooring all recommend Excelsior Maintenance Products for LVT, VCT, Recycled Rubber and more.

Excelsior floor cleaning and finishing products can be applied with a mop or floor machine. When cleaning the floor or applying Excelsior flooring finish, always use untreated, new or thoroughly cleaned mops or machine pads and brushes when conducting daily or routine maintenance on recycled rubber, vinyl tile, quartz flooring and more.

1877FloorGuy recommends adding residential and commercial-grade mops and cleaning supplies from our store to your Excelsior order so you have everything required to clean your floors using this quality product. We also have a variety of floor machine brushes and pads for Twister, Square Scrub, Tornado, Caddy Clean and more.

When cleaning with a mop and bucket, it's recommended to use a two-bucket system with your choice of flat microfiber mop, sponge or string mop. A bucket that has two basins makes it easy to separate dirty cleaning solution from clean rinse water for optimum clean floor results.

For facilities using a swing machine or auto scrubber, it's important to have a floor machine that is in good working order to avoid damaging the floor, and quality machine pads that get the job done right. Check driver pads, machine parts and brushes before each use to ensure any machine parts that come in contact with the floor are in good working order. Use of 3M rotary pads is recommended for various floor care procedures on floors by ROPPE®, FLEXCO®, 6-Degrees, N Plus and Procedo Flooring.