Excelsior Maintenance Products

Excelsior Maintenance Products
Excelsior floor care products are recommended by Roppe, Flexco and several other flooring brands for top performance maintenance on lvt, vinyl, rubber, quartz tile and other resilient floors. Excelsior floor cleaner, finish removers and polishes do an excellent job of cleaning and protecting commercial floors from scuffs and scratches in large and small facilities. Floors in high and low traffic areas will benefit from the top quality products in the Excelsior line of commercial floor care & maintenance products. Excelsior products ship from 1877FloorGuy direct throughout the US and Canada. Safety Data and Product Information sheets can be downloaded from the menu below or from the Excelsior website. Flooring brands that recommend Excelsior Floor Maintenance products include ROPPE®,   FLEXCO®,   N+,   Six Degrees  and  Procedo Flooring.
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Excelsior products available for purchase at 1877FloorGuy include Excelsior Neutral Floor Cleaner, Cleaner-Maintainer, Performance Finish Remover, Matte and Gloss standard and Perfomance Floor Finishes in 1-gallon containers. Excelsior Vinyl Floor Finish Remover is for sale in a 1-quart size.

Flooring brands that recommend Excelsior Floor Maintenance products include ROPPE®,   FLEXCO®,   N+,   Six Degrees  and  Procedo Flooring.  Backed by years of industry expertise, Excelsior maintenance products deliver precision for excellent flooring maintenance results. The full line of Excelsior floor care products includes Excelsior NC-900, a neutral pH concentrated cleaner that is safe to use on most types of resilient flooring, cleaner-maintainer for reduced strip and refinish cycles, matte and gloss level finishes for a wide range of vinyl flooring products and high performance floor finishes for safe application on rubber and other sensitive flooring types.

Select the right Excelsior products to clean, strip and/or polish your facility floors by referencing the flooring manufacturer maintenance instructions. Excelsior Maintenance Products are recommended for use on LVT, VCT, Recycled Rubber, Quartz Tile and other specified resilient floors. When cleaning the floor or applying Excelsior flooring finish, always use untreated, new or thoroughly cleaned mops or machine pads and brushes when conducting daily or routine floor maintenance.

Apply commercial quality furniture floor protectors to the bottom of tables, chairs and other furniture items that sit on resilient or hard surface floors to minimize dents, wear and floor scratches. Sweep or dust mop routinely. In addition to these preventive measures, adhere to a routine cleaning and maintenance plan to keep your Roppe, Flexco, N+, Six Degrees, Procedo or other resilient floors in the best possible condition. Related floor care questions can be answered by the expert staff at 1877FloorGuy.com - call, email or messenger.