Excelsior PR-930 Performance Finish Remover, 1-Gallon

Excelsior PR-930 Performance Finish Remover, 1-GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:PR-930
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Product Description

Specifically designed to remove flooring finishes from alkaline sensitive resilient flooring products, such as rubber and crumb/recycled rubber flooring. Excelsior PR-930 Finish Remover, 1-Gallon, allows for removal of flooring finishes without causing damage to pH sensitive flooring materials. PR930 is designed to remove multiple layers of floor finish, including heavily soiled or thickly applied finishes.

Use the following guideline for diluting concentrated finish remover with water:
  • Cleaning: 4 Ounces per Gallon
  • Normal Stripping: 32 Ounces per Gallon
  • Heavy-Duty Removal: 64 Ounces per Gallon
Coverage for one gallon of concentrated PR-930 varies greatly depending on the amount of flooring finish that needs to be removed and can range from 150 to 500 square feet.

Excelsior PR-930 Performance Finish Remover prevents discoloration of sensitive flooring and is compatible for use on most types of resilient floors. To ensure color stability of your flooring, prior to use, test FR-930 in a small, out of the way area.

Safety Information - Excelsior PR-930 Performance Finish Remover SDS

How to use Excelsior Performance Floor Finish Remover:
  1. Before applying stripper solution, prepare floor by sweeping, vacuuming and/or dust mopping. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar or an electric floor sweeper with an unprotected hard bottom as these types of equipment can damage your floor.
  2. Dilute PR-930 with water, in a ratio compatible with the amount of removal required. Apply cleaner directly to floor with a clean mop, pad or sponge and let stand for 10-20 minutes. Scrub area using a rotary floor machine or auto-scrubbing machine to remove finish. Be sure to use a cleaning pad that is not too aggressive for your specific flooring type. Keep the surface of the floor wet while scrubbing, applying more stripping solution as necessary.
  3. Lift dirty solution from floor after scrubbing with an auto-scrubber or a wet vacuum. Dispose of leftover stripping solution in accordance with local, state and federal disposal regulations.
  4. Once solution is completely removed, rinse flooring surface with clean, cold water and a clean mop, pad or sponge.