Excelsior CM-910 Cleaner Maintainer, 1-Gallon

Excelsior CM-910 Cleaner Maintainer, 1-GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:CM-910
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Product Description

Floor cleaner-maintainer by Excelsior will clean and protect your facility's rubber or vinyl resilient floor in one step. Excelsior CM-910, 1-Gallon concentrate, is a pH neutral, biodegradable cleaner and maintainer for use in routine maintenance procedures. Cleaner/Maintainer reduces flooring strip and refinish cycles providing easier maintenance long-term. Apply CM-910 Cleaner/Maintainer with a mop, sponge or auto-scrubber. Suitable for most types of flooring. Excellent coverage rate of 2100 to 4800 square feet per gallon based on recommended dilution rates. Coverage will vary depending the amount of dirt on the floor.

Excelsior NC910 can be used for initial maintenance following floor installation. Before initial cleaning with NC910, sweep, dust mop and/or vacuum to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using vacuums with beater bars or electric brooms that have hard or unpadded base, as these devices may discolor, scratch or reduce shine. Allow adhesive curing time based on flooring manufacturer instructions. Inadequate cure time may result in flooring failure.

SDS for Excelsior CM-910 Cleaner/Maintainer

For Initial Maintenance, mix CM-910 with water, 4 - 6 ounces per gallon, adjusting dilution rate based on soil level of flooring surface. Apply diluted cleaner directly to floor with a clean mop or sponge and let stand for 5-15 minutes. Scrub floor with a rotary floor machine or auto-scrub machine. Be sure to use a cleaning pad approved for use with the floor covering, as aggressive pads could damage, mar or diminish the sheen of some flooring products. Remove cleaning solution with an auto-scrubber or a wet vacuum. Rinse cleaned floor with water and a clean mop, pad or sponge.

For Routine Maintenance, first remove loose dust and dirt by sweeping or vacuuming. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar or an electric broom with a hard bottom. Dilute concentrated cleaner/maintainer with water, 4 to 6 oz per gallon. Clean floor with a mop, sponge, swing machine or auto-scrubber. For machine cleaning, apply solution directly to floor with a clean mop, pad or sponge and clean with floor machine outfitted with a cleaning pad approved for use with the floor covering. Rinse floor and allow it to air dry.

For Heavy Duty or Restorative Cleaning with Excelsior CM-910 for heavily soiled resilient flooring, the floor manufacturer instructions should be followed based on the specific type of resilient flooring.