Excelsior FR-920 Vinyl Finish Remover, 1-Quart

Excelsior FR-920 Vinyl Finish Remover, 1-QuartZoom
Mfr. Part No:FR-920
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Product Description

A highly concentrated multipurpose finish remover designed to remove flooring finish from vinyl resilient floor products, light to heavy duty finish stripping, with a reduced wait time. Excelsior FR-920 Finish Remover, in a 1-quart bottle, can be used for anything from light floor finish removal to complete and total removal of all layers of finish. To achieve the desired level of finish removal, dilution of concentrated FR920 will range from 2-ounces to 64-ounces per gallon of water. Intended for commercial use.

FR-920 is designed to rapidly remove finish and, as such, has a reduced wait time associated with application and removal. FR- 920 can be used to remove finish from awide range of resilient and hard surface floors including sheet vinyl, vct, vinyl asbestos tile, terrazzo, porcelain, and ceramic tile.
  • Dilution Ratios:
    Cleaning: 2 ounces per gallon
    Light Stripping: 16 ounces per gallon
    Medium Stripping: 32 ounces per gallon
    Heavy Duty Removal: 64 ounces per gallon

  • Coverage per Quart ranges from 37.5 to 1600 square feet depending on the type of finish removal from light the heavy duty use.

  • Test floor for color fastness prior to full application to ensure flooring material is color-stable when treated with the FR-920.

  • Excelsior FR-920 Vinyl Finish Remover SDS
Application Instructions: Prior to removing flooring finish with Excelsior FR920, remove dust, dirt and debris. Dilute concentrated FR-920 accordingly for cleaning or light,medium or heavy duty finish removal. Apply solution directly to floor. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes before scrubbing with rotary machine or other type of autoscrubber.

Refer to flooring material instructions when selecting the appropriate type of machine pad to avoid damaging flooring product. Maintain a wet surface during scrubbing, applying more cleaning solution as necessary. Remove dirty solution with an auto-scrubber or wet vacuum. Rinse floor with clean water and a clean mop, pad or sponge.

Dispose of stripping solution in accordance with local, state and federal disposal regulations.