Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about product selection and use, cleaning frequency, shipping rates and and more. Have a question that isn't answered by our FAQs? Please ask via email to, telephone at (877)356-6748 or use the Messenger icon to send an instant message.
  • Product Selection

  • How do I figure out what size furniture floor protector to buy for the chairs in my home?
    Measuring for furniture floor protectors can be tricky because a fraction of an inch matters. If clear sleeve furniture floor protectors are what you might want to buy, purchase the Clear Sleeve Sample Kit to find the right fit by using the included tape measure and trying on different sizes. If you are looking to buy flat, peel and stick, felt pads, measure the diameter on the bottom of the furniture leg that it will adhere to and choose the pad closest in size without going larger. For all other types of furniture floor protectors, call for assistance at (877)356-6748 or send a message via the Messenger icon or send an email.
  • How do I determine the right size Clear Sleeve Chair Leg Protector to fit my chairs?
    Buy a sample set that provides you with one of each size clear sleeve protector and a measuring tape. Customers love it because it saves lots of time and hassle over buying the wrong size set of chair leg protectors and having to return/exchange. Aim for a snug fit on the chair leg. You may need to warm the clear plastic sleeve with a hair dryer or put it in a in a sealed plastic bag and immerse it in hot water to make the sleeve more pliable.
  • What is the best cleaner for my floor?
    Refer to the flooring manufacturer's maintenance instructions to find the cleaner that they recommend. It has been tested and proven to work for your specific floor so you can be sure it is the best product to clean your floor without leaving haze or residue. For a new floor, using the recommended cleaning products is often required to uphold the manufacturer warranty.
  • Do I have to use the cleaning products that are in the maintenance instructions for my new floor?
    The products that are in a flooring brand's maintenance instructions have been tested on the specific floor for which they are recommended so you can be confident that they will work as expected. Most flooring manufacturer warranties are contingent upon proper care of the floor utilizing recommended maintenance products. If you are using a product that is not recommend and have a problem, it may not be covered by the flooring warranty.
  • Is Armstrong Shinekeeper the right floor finish for my Hartco hardwood floor that has an acrylic-impregnated finish?
    Yes, because Hartco wood floors are impregnated with an acrylic finish, Armstrong Shinkeeper is the right floor polish for these wood floors. This use for Shinekeeper is not stated on the product label because the manufacturer was concerned that it would confuse consumers who have other types of Armstrong hardwood floors. Hartco is now part of Armstrong Flooring. When Pattern Plus Shine was discontinued, Armstrong provided a memo, to 1877FloorGuy, indicating Armstrong Shinekeeper as the correct replacement product for use on Hartco acrylic-impregnated floors. You can download the memo for your reference.
  • Do you sell Bona hardwood floor products?
    We sell Bona Professional Series floor cleaner, polish and refresher in several size bottles as well as many of the Bona floor mops and mop pads including the all in one spray mop system. Bona Professional Series wood care products provide better performance to maintain hardwood floors at home or in business facilities.
  • Cleaning Frequency

  • How often do I need to clean my floor?
    How often your floor is cleaned will depend on how much traffic and activity your floor has. For example - For more traffic / activity you may have to clean your floor daily which is common for commercial facilities including doctor offices and retail stores. For less traffic / activity, as in most homes, you may only need to clean the floor once a week though sweeping more frequently than that may be required.
  • Freeze-Thaw

  • Does extreme cold weather effect floor care product shipments?
    Yes, we have a special 'Winter Shipping Advisory' on our shipping information page that states, "**Winter Shipping Advisory: Due to adverse weather conditions that occur during the cold weather months of autumn and winter, reserves the right to hold any order containing product that is not freeze thaw stable. This applies to, but is not limited to, acrylic floor polishes and sealers. This may cause a delay in shipping but you will be notified by a customer service rep from if your order is being held."
  • What is freeze-thaw stability and how does it impact the floor care items I buy?
    Most floor cleaning products are stable if they freeze then thaw, meaning they are good for use or "freeze-thaw stable". Flooring finishes and sealers are NOT freeze-thaw stable so if they freeze in transit they are no longer usable. 1877FloorGuy includes heat packs, as needed, in packages that are at risk for freezing when products in the package are not freeze-thaw stable and transit time is taken into account before these packages leave our warehouse. When transit time is likely to exceed the capability of the heat packs, that last up to 96-hours, an order will be held at our warehouse until it possible to ship them for safe arrival at customer locations. Most often, this is just a couple of days delay. Customers will always be notified when there is a shipping delay, via email or telephone call.
  • How do I know if the item I buy is or is not freeze-thaw stable?
    Items that are not freeze-thaw stable have a Free Ship Item 'Do NOT Freeze' icon and you can check the list of products that are NOT freeze-thaw stable. These products may experience a shipping delay during cold weather months. If you are still unsure about the freeze-thaw stability of an item, call Customer Support to inquire.
  • There is a brown paper bag in the box with my order and it has a white packet with a red line on it. What is it?
    You may find this in the carton with your order during extremely cold weather. This is a heat pack that is placed in with your product to keep it from freezing while in transit. The heat pack is comparable to hand warmer heat packs you might use in your gloves. The heat pack is placed in the brown paper bag because it requires paper around it to properly conduct heat in the carton. Heat pack will become solid when no longer emitting heat.
  • How do I dispose of the heat pack that was included in the carton with my products?
    This heat pack can be discarded in the trash and requires no special handling. Do not open or puncture the heat pack.
  • Is the heat pack harmful to me if I touch it?
    The industrial heat pack is non-toxic and environmentally safe however the packet should not be opened. If the inner contents of the white packet come into contact with skin, eyes, or mouth, it is advised by the maker of the heat pack to flush with cold water then contact a physician. Keep heat pack out of reach of children.
  • What are the ingredients in the heat pack?
    Heat pack contains iron powder, activated carbon, wood powder, vermiculite, salt and water package label Feb 2019.
  • Shipping

  • How can I reduce my shipping cost when I buy one bottle of floor cleaner?
    When purchasing a single liquid floor care item, shipping charges are often high. Consider buying two bottles of liquid product at one time. This will typically reduce the per item cost of shipping to a much lower rate.
  • Do you offer Free Shipping?
    Yes, 1877FloorGuy offers free shipping in two ways: 1. Most mop pads, furniture floor protectors, and Hilway Direct 1 liter floor care products ship free.
    2. Product purchase of $500 or more will ship free via standard shipping method and product purchase $300 or more will receive a 30% discount off shipping rate for standard shipping method.
  • Where do your products ship from?
    Our main warehouse is located in New Castle, DE in the US and most products ship from this warehouse. Some items ship from other locations as indicated at checkout with a note that says, "This item ships from a different warehouse."
  • Why are shipping charges so expensive?
    Shipping liquids is expensive because liquids are heavy and require careful packaging to arrive in good condition to customers. To offset the high price of shipping we have eliminated shipping costs on many lightweight items in our store, including most mop pads, furniture floor protectors and even some cleaning products that will ship free via standard shipping methods.
  • Payment Methods

  • What are the payment methods available?
    We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
  • Why do I need to enter my credit card every time I place an order?
    Currently, 1877FloorGuy does not store credit card numbers so the credit card information must be entered with each order. If you have set up an account for our store, all other order information is saved including ship to and billing address, but not credit card.
  • Can I use a purchase order to buy for business use?
    Yes. To become approved to use purchase orders for business purchases from 1877FloorGuy, fill out and submit a credit application. Submit the completed credit application to 1877FloorGuy Customer Support via email or fax, per the instructions on the credit application. A new credit application takes 1 to 2 weeks to process.
  • How do I place a TAX EXEMPT order?
    To place a tax exempt order, first Register for an Account and upload your tax exempt certificate into the account. Once we approve it, you will be able to place and manage your orders online at your convenience. Approval typically happens within one business day. If your order is time sensitive, call us at 877-356-6748 to speed up the approval process.
  • Returns

  • Can I return a cleaning product if I don't like it?
    Liquid products that have been opened cannot be returned. Unopened, unused product can be returned within 60 days of purchase date. Contact 1877FloorGuy Customer Support for a Return Authorization before shipping return product. A 20% restocking fee may apply. See our return policy for complete return information.
  • What is your return policy?
    Our return policy allows for returns of unopened, unused products only. Shipping costs are not refunded and return shipping is paid by customer. Before sending a return to us, a return authorization must be obtained by contacting Customer Support. Returns are accepted up to 60 days after purchase date. A 20% restocking fee may apply. More details about our return policy can be found on the Return Policy page.
  • Discounts

  • Do you offer discounts?
    1877FloorGuy runs sales and offers discounts from time to time. To be notified about sales, you must be subscribed to our mailing list. To subscribe, enter your email address under 'Email Sign Up' in the footer of any website page on