Square Scrub Floor Machines | Pads | Screens

Square Scrub Floor Machines | Pads | Screens
Square Scrub makes high-performance oscillating floor preparation machines for heavy-duty floor finish removal, in-depth cleaning of severely dirty floors as well as routine floor stripping, sanding and sub floor prep jobs. The square corners of the Square Scrub machines are well suited for reaching into corners better than rotary style floor machines which means less manual work to prep a floor around the baseboards. 1877FloorGuy supplies the full range of Square Scrub EBG Series floor machines from the largest 14 x 28 inch pad size to the small, versatile 5-inch x 9-inch Doodle Scrubber EBG-9 model. Most popular is the 14 x 20 size that suits most commercial and institutional floor prep needs- the powerful EBG-20/C machine. 1877FloorGuy has Square Scrub machines, pads, sandpaper, screens and specialty pads for all types of floor maintenance jobs including refinishing natural stone floors, deep cleaning VCT and even carpet cleaning.

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In large facilities that manage their own floor maintenance or for flooring maintenance businesses, there is often a need for a workhorse EBG20 or EBG28 model to cover large floor areas like cafeterias and gymnasiums, and a flexible EBG9 for maintaining hard to reach spots, including stairwells and bathrooms where it's agile enough to reach under restroom stalls and sinks and strong enough to make contact with each stair tread right up to the riser. The combination of floor machine equipment creates complete floor maintenance capability.

The EBG9 Doodle Scrub has unique features that differ from the large coverage machines, including a 2-position handle attachment and an optional Doodle Skate accessory to clean baseboards allowing it to reach areas that the large machines can't manage. Find a Square Scrub machine size that best fits your floor care applications and find the appropriate machine, accessories and pads, screens or sanding paper to tackle your job, all at 1877FloorGuy.

Square Scrub pads, sand screens, sand paper and other accessories help simplify and complete any in-depth flooring maintenace job. Shop all Square Scrub pads to find the right fit for EBG9, EBG20 and EBG28 Floor Surface Prep Machines including pads for finish removal, cleaning, buffing, stripping and tile-grout cleaning. 1877FloorGuy can help you purchase Square Scrub floor machines for your business or facility with financing available through our partnership with Leasing Corp of America. For more information, contact us at 1-877-Floor-Guy (1-877-356-6748) or send us an email.