Whether you're looking for replacement pads for a machine you already own or are looking to add onto your Square Scrub machine purchase, 1877FloorGuy can help you find the right Square Scrub pads for your needs. We have Square Scrub floor scrub pads for EBG-20, EBG-28 and EBG-9 (Doodle Scrub) floor preparation machines in a variety of styles for spacing, cleaning, buffing, removing finish, sanding, stripping and tile and grout care. Each Square Scrub pad has its own unique applications, so make sure to click on the product and thoroughly read the instructions to ensure that it suits your needs. Call us if you can't find the pads you need.
Square Scrub® SQP Pad (finish removal), 20 inch
$12.50, 10/$113.53
Square Scrub® SQP Pad(finish removal), 28 inch
$18.10, 10/$164.40
Square Scrub® White Driver Pad (spacer use w/sandpaper), 20 inch
$3.70, 10/$33.64
Square Scrub® White Driver Pad (spacer use w/sandpaper), 28 inch
$5.50, 10/$50.00
Square Scrub® Red Driver Pad (spacer/ light cleaning/ buffing), 20 inch
$9.15, 5/$41.63
Square Scrub® Red Driver Pad (spacer/ light cleaning/ buffing), 28 inch
$11.45, 5/$52.09
Square Scrub® SHO Wet Strip Pad (chemical stripping), 20 inch
$10.55, 5/$47.88
Square Scrub® SHO Wet Strip Pad (chemical stripping), 28 inch
$14.75, 5/$67.09
Square Scrub 20" Blue Driver Pad
Square Scrub® Blue Driver Pad for Doodle Machine
$4.00, 6/$21.60
Square Scrub® White Driver Pad for Doodle Machine
$3.50, 6/$15.00
Square Scrub® SHO Pad for Doodle Machine
$4.60, 6/$24.84
Square Scrub® SQP Pad for Doodle Machine
$4.25, 6/$22.95
Square Scrub® Tile & Grout Brush for Doodle Machine
1877FloorGuy has a large selection of EBG Series pads to choose from. These pads come in various colors and styles for different jobs on different flooring types. For preparing VCT floors, you can use the SQP Pad for removing several layers of acrylic finish on dry and wet VCT and tile or use the SHO pad for VCT chemical stripping. To clean tile and grout, we recommend the Square Scrub tile pad in blue. This new and improved tile and grout pad offers deep scrubbing on tiled surfaces and features an integrated Velcro backing that minimizes slippage and extends the pad life. We offer this Square Scrub Tile & Grout brushing pad for the Doodle machine.

If you need a Square Scrub pad for sanding, you can use the White Driver Pads that are designed to be used as a spacer pad between the machine and sandpaper, resin diamonds and more. We also offer Red Driver Pads that double as spacers and light cleaning pads in your heavier cleaning and buffing applications. Other Square Scrub pads from 1877FloorGuy are designed to assist with polishing, finish removal and more. For sanding applications, make sure to explore our selection of Square Scrub sandscreens and sandpaper.