METROFLOR Prevail Floor Care

METROFLOR Prevail Floor Care
Formulated for both residential and commercial cleaning and maintenance, these PREVAIL Metroflor vinyl cleaners and finishes feature pH neutral formulas and a range of gloss levels to help you quickly spiff up your PREVAIL Metroflor floors in your home or business. PREVAIL's own line of quality Metroflor floor cleaners includes solutions that are specially designed for one-step cleaning with zero rinsing that will never harm the floor's finish. Make sure you have PREVAIL Metroflor 1-Step Neutral Cleaner on hand at all times for routine and spot cleanings.
Prevail™ METROFLOR 1-Step Neutral Cleaner Concentrate, Quart
$10.80, 6/$58.20
Prevail™ METROFLOR 1-Step Neutral Cleaner, Gallon
$27.00, 4/$97.20
Prevail™ METROFLOR Matte Finish, Quart
$22.25, 6/$114.60
Prevail™ METROFLOR Matte Finish, Gallon
$67.05, 4/$241.40
Prevail™ METROFLOR Gloss Finish, Quart
$14.00, 6/$75.60
Prevail™ METROFLOR Gloss Finish, Gallon
$42.70, 4/$153.60
Prevail™ METROFLOR 2-Step Vinyl Cleaner, Quart
This item is no longer available.
Prevail™ METROFLOR Vinyl Stripper, Quart
$11.40, 6/$58.80
Prevail™ METROFLOR Black Scuff & Adhesive Remover, 22-ounce Spray
Prevail™ METROFLOR Scratch Remover, 22oz Spray
Prevail™ METROFLOR Ready-To-Use Neutral Cleaner Spray, 22-ounce
Prevail™ METROFLOR 30-GS Grip Strip Adhesive, 1-ounce
Prevail™ METROFLOR Grip Strip Roller
Prevail™ METROFLOR LVT Spacers
Prevail™ METROFLOR Tapping Block
In addition to PREVAIL floor cleaner, 1877FloorGuy stocks a broad selection of PREVAIL Metroflor finishes, in 1 quart or 1 gallon sizes, to help you protect and refresh your PREVAIL Metroflor flooring no matter what sized floor you need to take care of. These finishes add a protective coating for tough, long-lasting wear and stain protection while sealing out moisture and refreshing the overall appearance of the vinyl plank or tile. Additional products, like a low-odor vinyl stripper, help you round out your complete PREVAIL Metroflor maintenance plan. If you have specific questions about any of the PREVAIL products listed here, don't hesitate to reach out to 1877FloorGuy's friendly customer service representatives by phone or e-mail.