Prevail METROFLOR LVT Spacers

Prevail METROFLOR LVT SpacersZoom
Mfr. Part No:PR-SPCR
Brand:Prevail Metroflor
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Product Description

Reusable LVT tile spacers create consistent 3mm grout lines and perimeter spacing on Metroflor LVT floor installations. This Metroflor Prevail installation accessory item is essential for installing straight, evenly spaced grout joints during a Metroflor LVT flooring install. The Metroflor Prevail Spacers come in a labeled container that contains 20 4-pronged Spacers. Each Spacer has a break-away leg for use in 3-way tile intersections against walls, at transitions, for straight monolithic and brick-laid tile installations. Three millimeter grout is slightly less than an eighth of an inch and is a suitable grout width for luxury vinyl tile installed with grout joints.

Keep these spacer guides for future use in the convenient labeled container so you've got them available for a new vinyl tile installation or for installing replacement tiles.

There are twenty (20) pieces in each container so plan the quantity to order according to the size of your Metroflor LVT floor so you've got enough on hand to complete the job. These plastic spacers are compatible with all Metroflor groutable luxury resilient tile flooring.