Prevail METROFLOR 30-GS Grip Strip Adhesive, 1-ounce

Prevail METROFLOR 30-GS Grip Strip Adhesive, 1-ounceZoom
Mfr. Part No:PR-GS-30
Brand:Prevail Metroflor
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Product Description

Advanced performance instant adhesive for use with Metroflor® Grip-Strip and Clic luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring. This is the only approved adhesive for use with these flooring products for repair and replacement of tiles or planks. The excellent bonding performance makes this quick-dry bonding agent a great tool for making repairs to luxury vinyl flooring as directed by Metroflor or to reinforce tiles on an existing Clic or GripStrip flooring installation.

This conviently sized 1 oz vinyl adhesive bottle has a tapered nozzle making precise application possible. The spread rate for 30GS is forty to fifty (40-50) lineal feet when applied as recommended by Metroflor.

To apply Grip Strip Adhesive, lift or remove the luxury vinyl tile or plank that needs repair or replacement. On the underside edge on Grip-Strip, or groove on Clic floors, apply a straight bead of 30-GS adhesive up to 1/4-inch wide down the length of under-edge or groove where it is needed. Reinstall the tile or plank and, with the Prevail Grip-Strip Roller, roll the glued edge. If oozing of adhesive is visible from the joint, carefully remove it, as soon as possible, with acetone. Clean the are with right after the use of acetone with Prevail™ METROFLOR Ready-To-Use Neutral Cleaner.

For pertinent safety information, refer to the SDS for Prevail 30-GS Grip Strip Adhesive.