Stone - Tile - Grout

Stone - Tile - Grout
If you're looking for cleaning and care products for stone, tile and grout, take a look at 1877FloorGuy. Find an extensive selection of products specifically designed to clean and protect a range of hard surfaces, including stone, marble, slate, granite, ceramic, porcelain, tile and grout. 1 877 Floor Guy specializes in floors, but these top quality stone, tile and grout care items also work hard on walls and counters.
We carry well-known cleaning and care products from leading manufacturers, including DuPont, Bona, Aqua Mix and Miracle, as well as niche products such as Grout-Aide Markers and Grout Gator, which help make tired, old, dirty grout look like new.

Besides stocking a range of floor cleaners for general cleaning, 1877FloorGuy also carries stain removers to help remove especially tough stains from grout. We also have sealants to help protect your grout from ugly stains and marks in the first place, along with grout sealer applicator bottles to make sealing your grout quick and easy and to give your job a professional look and finish.

Not all hard surfaces are the same, and though they may seem tough, stone surfaces can be sensitive and may not react well to the wrong method or type of cleaning. Cleaning and caring for ceramic and porcelain tile, for instance, differs from cleaning and caring for natural and polished stone.

That's where 1877FloorGuy can really make a difference. Since we specialize in floors, we can give you authoritative answers to your questions and match you up with the right products at the right prices, no matter what job you have in mind. All of our staff members have years of experience in flooring, and you'll speak with one of them - or with one of the owners - when you call. Use our toll-free phone number or email today for quick, reliable answers that will help you do the job right the first time and save you time and money.