Prevail METROFLOR Gloss Finish, Gallon

Prevail METROFLOR Gloss Finish, GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:PR-GLFN-GL
Brand:Prevail Metroflor
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Product Description

High-gloss finish by Prevail to protect and refresh luxury vinyl tile & plank by Metro floor to a glossy sheen. Performs well on vinyl floors featuring urethane coating with ceramic bead. Prevail™ Gloss Finish, 1 gallon is an acrylic flooring finish that provides tough, long-lasting wear and stain protection. Helps to seal against moisture. Fast dry time and easy to apply. Excellent adhesion to the surface wear layer of both vinyl tile and plank floors. Responds beautifully to a spray buff or light burnishing program. Removes with Prevail Stripper.

For Use On: All Metroflor® luxury vinyl tile and plank floors. Residential & Commercial. Note: This product is not recommended for exterior or interior floors that are subject to standing water or wet conditions.

Directions For Use:
Read Product label & Flooring Maintenance Instructions prior to use and test product in an inconspicuous area prior to full application.

New Installations: Floors installed with wet set adhesives must be allowed to cure for 48 hours before they can be sealed.
  1. Preparation: Clean and scrub floor thoroughly to remove all surface soil and stains in accordance with Metroflor 1-Step Neutral Cleaner directions. Use Prevail Vinyl Stripper if needed to remove factory finish. Rinse well with clean water and allow floor to air dry.
  2. Application: Apply the finish in light coats using a clean sponge mop, wax applicator or a damp, clean cloth. Put a small amount of finish in a shallow pan, dip mop and spread a thin, even coat. Do not leave any puddles. Allow to fully dry (tack free) for at least 30 minutes before applying second coat. Apply 3-5 coats for low-traffic areas. In high traffic areas, high-speed burnish, spray buff or apply an additional 1-2 coats.
Recoat: Apply 1-2 thin coats to improve the appearance of previously finished floors. Let dry at least 30 minutes between coats. Floors must be cleaned with neutral cleaner and completely dry prior to applying finish. Finish may start to build up in low traffic areas if too many coats are present. When this occurs, use Metroflor Stripper to remove existing finish and start over following application directions for newly installed floors. Gloss finish can be spray buffed to restore gloss.

Spray Buff: Spray buff at approximately 175 rpm using a red pad. Be sure floor is clean and dry before starting procedure. Stripping may be required after numerous coats of finish have been applied and worn.

Maintenance: Clean floor as needed using Metroflor Neutral Cleaner.

Coverage: Approximately 1600 square feet per gallon.

Safety Data- SDS for Metroflor Gloss Finish

See General Maintenance Instructions for Ceramic Bead Finish or General Maintenance Instructions for Non-Ceramic Bead Finish for Initial Care & Preventive Maintenance Directions.

Gloss Finish is available in quart and gallon sizes.