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Floor Machines | Brushes | Pads
If you're shopping for automatic floor scrubber machines, floor machine brushes or floor machine pads, you can save yourself time and money by shopping online with 1877FloorGuy. We've carefully vetted all the merchandise available on the market and have selected the highest-quality items for our customers. We've picked the best floor machines based on criteria such as dependability, versatility, cost and ease of use and transport and we've partnered with Lease Corp of America to offer equipment financing. That means we've saved you a lot of research. With our low prices and fast delivery, we can also save you a lot of money and time. See if your purchase qualifies for financing with the easy online tool.
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Investing in an automatic floor scrubber machine is an outlay that can save you money in the long run. That's because these machines are simply faster and more efficient than manual labor, so they can provide huge savings in time and labor costs. In addition, they boost the useful life of your floors and enhance their safety and looks.

At 1877FloorGuy, you can find floor machines made by premium manufacturers including Caddy Clean, Square Scrub and Tornado. Besides selling these machines, we also stock a full line of accessories, including floor machine pads and floor machine brushes made by top manufacturers such as 3M, HTC Twister and many more. For the budget minded, we also offer a wide selection of basic floor machine pads that are inexpensive but tough and effective. All of our pads and brushes come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Give us a call if you need expert advice on which machine or accessory is right for you and your situation. You'll get fast, friendly advice from the flooring experts at 1877FloorGuy.