SQUARE SCRUB Sandscreens & Sand Paper

SQUARE SCRUB Sandscreens & Sand Paper
Your Square Scrub floor preparation machine can be a very helpful tool in finish removal and repair of wood flooring surfaces. In order to use your Square Scrub machine for sanding applications, you'll want to invest in some sandscreens and sandpaper made specifically for Square Scrub floor prep machines. 1877FloorGuy offers sandscreens and sandpaper for EBG-20 and EBG-28 models that allow you to transform your machine into an efficient, hard-working floor sander in seconds. Stock up on economical sanding pads and other Square Scrub essentials by the case (10 screens per case) at Call us if you can't find the screens you need.
Square Scrub 60-Grit Sandscreen, 20-inch (case of 10)
Square Scrub® 80 Grit Sandscreen, 20 inch (case)
Square Scrub® 100 Grit Sandscreen, 20 inch (case)
Square Scrub® 120 Grit Sandscreen, 20 inch (case)
Square Scrub 60 Grit Sand Paper, 20-inch - 10 pack
We can help you find the appropriate Square Scrub sandscreens for your model and needs at 1877FloorGuy. These sandscreens are designed for thorough finish removal and repair of wood flooring, such as gym floors. They're also an appropriate choice for those looking to repair painted floor surfaces as they can be applied dry on wood or wet on painted concrete. Both sides of the screen can be used, so you can expect them to last through large, tough jobs. We offer Square Scrub sandscreens in four options - 60-grit, 80-grit, 100-grit and 120-grit - to match your needs. They are sold by the case at 1877FloorGuy with 10 screens per case.

We also offer some Square Scrub sandpaper options in this selection. Square Scrub's standard sandpaper comes in various grits to tackle a range of wood floor needs. It can be used dry on wood flooring on decks in refinishing and repair applications. Please note that Square Scrub's sandscreens are designed for use with the Square Scrub Red Driver Pad (P1420RED). If you don't see what you need here or need personalized advice on which type of pad is best for your specific needs, call us at 1-877-Floor-Guy (1-877-356-6748) or send us an email.