Square Scrub Doodle Skate

Square Scrub Doodle SkateSquare Scrub Doodle SkateSquare Scrub Doodle SkateSquare Scrub Doodle Skate
Mfr. Part No:EBG9SKATE
Brand:Square Scrub
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Product Description

Square Scrub Doodle Skate allows you to clean baseboards with the powerful cleaning action EBG-9 Doodle Scrub machine. The Doodle Skate fits over the base of the EBG-9 to allow easy access to base trims and stair risers for thorough scrubbing. Ideal for schools and healthcare facilities that need to deep clean bathrooms, cafeterias, patient rooms, stairwells and more. Doodle Skate allows the Doodle Machine to clean wall base effectively and quickly with pivoting action that adjusts to most wall contours.

To use the Doodle Skate, follow Square Scrub Doodle Skate Set-Up Instructions Sheet or watch the video for assembly and use.

Doodle Skate has a durable nylon carry strap for easy transporting and easy glide non-marking wheels that move along the floor during use. Additional information about the Doodle Skate can be found in the product flyer. Doodle Skate can be purchased alone or in the Deluxe Doodle Scrub Set.