Excelsior PF-960 Performance Floor Finish, 1-Gallon

Excelsior PF-960 Performance Floor Finish, 1-GallonZoom
Mfr. Part No:PF-960
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Product Description

Designed for finishing recycled rubber flooring, Excelsior Performance Gloss floor finish, 1-gallon size, provides a durable, high-gloss, highly chemical resistant finish that won't create unsightly buildup and is safe for use on sensitive flooring materials. Infused with Intersept® antimicrobial preservative, Excelsior PF-960 protects the floor against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi, including those that are odor and stain-causing.

Excelsior PF-960 Performance Finish is an excellent solution for most resilient flooring materials and specifically on recycled or crumb rubber flooring. PF960 is biodegradable, has low VOCs, and with Intersept antimicrobial additive, meets stringent EPA certification standards.
  • One gallon of finish covers 2500 - 3000 square feet.
  • Slip Resistance Coefficient is 0.57.
  • Provides a high-gloss shine.
  • Initial application of finish requires 3 - 4 coats.
  • Subsequent applications require 1 - 2 coats of finish.
  • Required cure times - At least 30-minutes between coats; 1-hour before light foot traffic; 24-hours before heavy foot traffic and furniture placement.
  • Excelsior PF-960 Performance Finish Safety Data Sheet
Prepare Flooring Substrate, Initial Application:
Remove previously applied wax finish with Excelsior FR-920 or PR-930 Performance Finish Remover, in accordance with flooring material instructions based on the type of flooring. Rinse floor thoroughly after finish removal to ensure no contamination that may inhibit the finish bond or affect the appearance of the finished appearance of the floor. Floor must be completely clean and dry before applying finish.

Finish Application:
Sweep, dust mop and/or vacuum to remove dirt, dust and debris from flooring surface. For motorized cleaning equipment, ensure it is free of beater bar or hard bottom surface that might come in contact with, and damage, the floor.

With a microfiber mop pad or clean string mop, apply 3-4 thin, even coats of GF-950 floor finish at the prescribed spread rate for initial coating or 1-2 coats for re-coating the floor. Allow finish to dry 30 minutes or longer between coats and at least 1 hour after final coat before allowing light foot traffic.

Do not use forced air, such as air movers or fans, for faster drying, as this could affect finish quality. Ensure first coat is completely dry and hardened prior to apply subsequent coatings.

Allow finish to cure for 24 hours prior to heavy use and before placing heavy furniture on the floor. In situations with higher than normal humidity, additional cure time will be required.

Protect Finished Floor:
  • Use Masonite or similar to cover the flooring during furniture and equipment moves. Use moving aids - furniture dollies, hand trucks with soft wheels and moving slides. Never drag anything heavy across the floor.
  • Furniture casters that will reside on the finished hard-surface floor must be made of a soft caster material. In addition, for castered chairs, a chair pad must be placed over the finished floor where the rolling chairs are in use.
  • All furniture casters and legs must have a contact point of at least 1-inch in diameter and be sized appropriately for each item. Soft rubber or felt furniture floor protectors must be used on all contract points of chairs, tables and other items that move to reduce indentation in floor finish and minimize scuffs and scratches.
  • Walk-off door mats are to be placed at all outside entrances to catch moisture, dirt and debris. Ensure mats have non-staining backs.