Residential Cleaning Supplies

Residential Cleaning Supplies
Stock your cleaning closet with tools designed to make your job easier and quicker with this great selection of mops, mop pads and cleaning kits from the floor experts at 1877FloorGuy. These residential mops implement professional-quality features to thoroughly lift dirt and debris while distributing cleaning products into hard-to-reach spaces. We have the best floor mops and mop pads by Bona, Libman, Basic Coatings, Dura Seal, Bruce and more for a flawless cleaning system.
Floorguy 17-inch Mop Frame & Handle
Commercial | Residential Mop
19 inch Blue Microfiber Mop Pad
Commercial | Residential Mop Pad
32 oz. Spray Bottle
Spray Bottle
$5.75, 3/$15.53
Bona Premium Microfiber Mop Set, 15-in base
Residential Mop Set
$26.00, 2/$46.80
Bona Pro Hardwood Floor Spray Mop 15-in, 34-oz Cleaner
Hardwood Spray Mop
$56.05, 2/$100.90
Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad- 4" X 15" (Easy Glide)
Residential Mop Pad
$11.70, 4/$42.12
Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad - fits a 4"x15" Mop Head
Residential Mop Pad
$14.30, 2/$25.74
Bona ORIGINAL Mop Cover, 8 x 15 inch, 2-pack (FITS ORIGINAL MOP STYLE)
Residential Mop Pad
$20.00, 2/$36.00
This item is no longer available.
Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Care System (18" base)
Commercial | Residential Mop Set
$54.60, 2/$98.28
Bona Pro Disposable Mop Pads, Untreated 50/box
Mop Pads - Disposable
$62.65, 2/$112.78
Bona Professional Series 18-inch Cleaning Pad
Commercial | Residential Mop Pad
$12.40, 4/$44.64
Bona Professional Series Dusting Pad, 18-inch
Commercial | Residential Mop Pad
$12.40, 4/$44.64
Libman Big Tornado Mop
Commercial | Residential Mop
Libman Pro 4-Gallon Clean and Rinse Mop Bucket
Commercial | Residential Mop Bucket
Libman Wide Angle Broom, 15-inch width
Commercial | Residential Broom
Libman Tile & Grout Brush
Residential Grout Brush
DuraSeal Floor Care Kit
This item is no longer available.
Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Mop Set
Wood/Laminate Cleaning Kit
At 1877FloorGuy, we recommend choosing the right type of mop and mop pad for your specific needs. Mop pads are color-coded, with blue pads for cleaning and beige pads typically for finish application. Dust pads come in various colors but are made with thicker, longer fibers to gently sweep away dust accumulation on floors. Microfiber mop pads and scrub pads are great for general residential and commercial cleaning jobs. Cleaning kits typically include a spray cleaner, mop assembly and a cleaning pad. Some kits also include dust pad or applicator pad for the mop.

We suggest adding a Bona mop (and Bona replacement mop pads) to your residential cleaning arsenal when cleaning and refreshing all hard surface floors. Libman mops, like the Libman Big Tornado Mop, are ideal for heavy-duty residential cleaning. You may also want to stock up on floor cleaning kits for hardwood, stone, tile, laminate and other surfaces to get everything you need for a complete clean.