Bissell BG Deluxe ProScrub 2.1 Starter Package

Bissell BG Deluxe ProScrub 2.1 Starter PackageZoom
Bissell BG Deluxe ProScrub 2.1 Starter PackageBissell BG Deluxe ProScrub 2.1 Starter PackageBissell BG Deluxe ProScrub 2.1 Starter PackageBissell BG Deluxe ProScrub 2.1 Starter PackageBissell BG Deluxe ProScrub 2.1 Starter Package
Mfr. Part No:ST100220
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Product Description

A versatile, completely portable, cordless, rechargeable, lightweight scrubbing machine that makes it easy to clean into corners, behind toilets, in showers and anywhere that it's hard to reach by hand or with a large scrubbing machine. An effective, rechargeable battery operated, cleaning tool for removing dirt, residue and soap scum. Two rotating heads work together for strong cleaning power fed by a cleaning agent dispensed from the integral trigger release tank to the rotating pads or brushes.

Bissell BigGreen® Pro Scrub 2.1 scrubbing machine deluxe starter package comes with a rechargeable battery pack, machine assembly, handle attachment for hand-held use, 2 pad holders, 2 microfiber pads, a set of 10 scrub pads in a carry case and a wall mount clip.

For cleaning professionals, the Bissell ProScrub is lightweight and easy to take to each cleaning job. User-friendly cleaning equipment provides an efficient method for cleaning hard-to-reach places on a variety of flooring and other interior surfaces in bathroom stalls, tiled showers, tubs, staircases, walls and other difficult to clean areas.

The machine weight just 4.9 pounds, runs on a small rechargeable battery pack and has a detachable reservoir for cleaning solution making the cleaning unit completely portable. The autoscrubber's handle is adjustable for long or short handle and is detachable for hand-held auto scrubbing. You can remove the reservoir tank for easy filling. Brush heads and cleaning pads are 4 inches in diameter and detach for ease of use on varied surfaces. A small, lightweight attachment handle is included with the Caddy Clean kit to use the rotating head scrubber as an independent hand-held cleaning tool.

You will get everything, from 1877FloorGuy, that you need to get started using the Caddy Clean scrubbing machine on all kinds of cleaning projects, from scrubbing ceramic tile clean to heavy-duty floor finish removal on resilient flooring. By selecting the right brushes or pads, you can use ProScrub 2.1 to clean stains on carpet and hard surface floors.

This automatic scrubber starter set has five types of scrubbing pads in a small carry case, one sets of brushes and a pair of microfiber cleaning pads for use on different surfaces and for a variety of cleaning needs. If you require more 4-inch brushes, pads or pad holders for your small, compact Bissell BG Pro Scrub 2.1 or Caddy Clean auto scrubber, each type of brush, pad or pad holder is sold separately, in sets of 2, so you can purchase additional accessories as needed. Coarse scrub pads also come in a set of 10 pads.

The CaddyClean Floor Scrubber Machine bundle includes:
Machine assembly, detachable reservoir tank, battery pack and charger, two pad holders, five pairs of scrub pads (black, blue, green, white, red), two microfiber cleaning pads, and a wall clip for easy hanging storage.

The key to successfully clean any surface with CaddyClean is choosing the appropriate brush or pad that is right for the surface you are cleaning. The white brushes, included with Bissell Pro 2.1 or Caddy Clean machine, are safe to use on any cleaning job and work especially well on tiled surfaces for reaching into grout lines. Sensitive surfaces, such as some natural stones, glass, wood and rubber or linoleum flooring, require the use of the softest white scrub pad for cleaning or polishing. Use the gentle microfiber discs to clean on any smooth surface. For vinyl flooring, include LVT, start with white or red scrub pads to clean, spray buff or remove flooring finish and move to the stronger green scrubbing pads with care, always testing before full use to ensure the green pads are not too aggressive for your floor. Caddy Clean's blue and black scouring pads are for heavy-duty stripping or deep scrubbing on surfaces that will not be damaged by the roughness of these pads. It's a good idea to test the use of Caddy Clean scrubbing discs in a small area before full use to ensure desired results. Not sure which pad to use on the surface that needs cleaning? Contact Customer Support at 1877FloorGuy for guidance at 1-877-356-6748 or email to
  • Portable
  • Lightweight: 4.9 pounds
  • Adjustable and detachable parts
  • Battery powered
  • Storage hook and storage bag included
  • Bissell Pro Operation Manual