Caddy Clean Light Blue 0.30 Soft Brush - 1 Pair

Caddy Clean Light Blue 0.30 Soft Brush - 1 PairZoom
Brand:Caddy Clean
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Product Description

When your Caddy Clean Auto Scrubber needs to tackle dirt and stains on textile or carpeted floors or walls, use this soft light blue cleaning brush. With a .30 bristle strength, the 4-inch light-blue Caddy Clean brushes do best at cleaning area rugs, carpeting and other textile or textile blend floors and more. When using light blue brushes to clean soap scum or greasy buildup on any surface, use a small area as a test for effectiveness and safety on the surface being cleaned.

Light blue 4" Caddy Clean brushes are sold as a pair.

Caddy Clean brushes ship free via USPS Priority Mail.