Caddy Clean White 0.25 Soft Brush - 1 Pair

Caddy Clean White 0.25 Soft Brush - 1 PairZoom
Brand:Caddy Clean
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Product Description

For light duty non-abrasive scrubbing and cleaning, use a pair of Caddy Clean White Scrub Brushes, 0.25 bristle. Specifically designed for use with your CaddyClean Scrubbing Machine, these white 4-inch CaddyClean 0.25 Soft Scrub Brushes provide excellent routine cleaning performance.

Sold 2 per package, at 1877FloorGuy, the Caddy Clean round white brushes are designed to help you target hard-to-reach corners and niches, such as bathroom stalls and tight kitchen areas.

Includes one pair of white brushes for Caddy Clean Autoscrubber.

Caddy Clean white brushes ship free via USPS Priority Mail.