Caddy Clean Orange 0.80 Heavy Duty Brush - quantity 2

Caddy Clean Orange 0.80 Heavy Duty Brush - quantity 2Zoom
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To efficiently clean smooth textures, painted concrete floors and for other heavy-duty cleaning jobs, use Caddy Clean 4-inch Orange 0.80 Heavy Duty Brushes. The orange Caddy Clean brush is a versatile scrub brush for use removing difficult stains and cleaning a wide range of surface textures. Before beginning a floor cleaning job with your Caddy Clean Machine and an orange pair of brushes, test the strength of the orange brushes with an appropriate cleaning solution, in an out of the way spot. This will allow you to see if these are the right brushes for the cleaning job.

These standard size, CaddyClean 4" Orange heavy duty cleaning Brushes are sold in a 2-pack and ship free via USPS Priority Mail shipping.