Disposable Microfiber Pads, 5x19 inch, 20pk

Disposable Microfiber Pads, 5x19 inch, 20pkZoom
Disposable Microfiber Pads, 5x19 inch, 20pkDisposable Microfiber Pads, 5x19 inch, 20pk
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Contec® Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Disposable Microfiber Pads, 5" x 19", 20-pack. 100% synthetic Premira® II Microfiber Floor Mop Pads provide superior dirt and debris removal compared to reusable textiles like cotton or laundered microfiber. See the dirt as it comes off the floor onto these thick white disposable mop pads.

These Contec mop pads are bleach safe and will not neutralize quat or peroxide based disinfectants. Fits most 17-inch flat mops and the Square Scrub Doodle Mop. Dampening the mop pad with water before starting to mop works well in most situations. Many floors should not be saturated with water or cleaning solution so be sure to wring mop pads well if dampening before use.

Dispose dirty pads and use a new pad to reduce cross-contamination and improve hygiene and cleanliness. For use in healthcare settings, hospitality, retail stores, and at home. Ideal for use anywhere that a clean floor is important, especially where it's not practical to wash mop pads after use.

Watch the mopping video on our YouTube channel to see how these disposable mop pads are used with Square Scrub automated mop.