Disposable Mop Pads, 240/pack

Disposable Mop Pads, 240/packZoom
Disposable Mop Pads, 240/packDisposable Mop Pads, 240/packDisposable Mop Pads, 240/pack
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Contec® Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Disposable Microfiber Pads, carton of 240 microfiber cloth mop pads made for single use before disposal. Each mop pad is 5x19 inches and approx 1/8 inch thick. Fits most flat mops and the Square Scrub Doodle Mop. Safe for use to clean luxury vinyl, hardwood, rubber and other types of flooring. Change mop pad when it becomes too dirty to clean the floor. Rinse and reuse when applicable for limited mopping cycles. The dirt picked up by these disposable mop pads is unbelievable when used on the vibrating doodle mop. Your floors will be cleaner than ever. Discard mop pad after each use to reduce cross contamination. Commercial or Residential Use. Pack of 240 pads.

Use with an appropriate spray cleaner for your floor type. Bleach safe. Will not neutralize quat or peroxide based disinfectants. Dampening the mop pad with water before starting to mop works well in most situations. Many floors should not be saturated with water or cleaning solution so be sure to wring mop pads well if dampening before use.

Watch the mopping video on our YouTube channel to see how these disposable mop pads are used with Square Scrub automated mop.