O-Cedar Commercial Mops

O-Cedar Commercial Mops
Enhance your commercial cleaning routine with these professional O-Cedar commercial mops. O-Cedar specializes in the manufacturing of commercial loop-end string mops and tail banded loop-end mops that are designed to last eight to 10 times longer than cut-end string mops and improve efficiency while reducing worker fatigue. At 1877FloorGuy, we recommend the use of O-Cedar mops in every commercial facility, including schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses and much more. O-Cedar is the leading brand for commercial-use wet mops.
O-Cedar MEDIUM MaxiPlus Microfiber Loop-End Mop, Blue
$17.20, 2/$30.96
O-Cedar LARGE MaxiPlus Microfiber Loop-End Mop, Blue
$20.40, 2/$36.72
O-Cedar MEDIUM MaxiClean Shrinkless Loop-End Mop, Green
$12.05, 2/$21.69
O-Cedar LARGE MaxiClean Shrinkless Loop-End Mop, Green
$13.95, 2/$25.11
O-Cedar MEDIUM MaxiRough Loop-End Mop
$12.25, 2/$22.05
O-Cedar LARGE MaxiRough Loop-End Mop
$13.60, 2/$24.48
O-Cedar Medium Finishing Loop-End Mop
$13.60, 2/$24.48
O-Cedar Large Finishing Loop-End Mop
$16.70, 2/$30.06
Quick Change Mopstick w Metal Handle, 60 in
MaxiPlus All-In-One Cleaning | Finishing System
1877FloorGuy carries four types of O-Cedar mops - the MaxiPlus, MaxiClean and MaxiRough loop-end mops and the Finishing loop-end mop - available in both medium and large for each type. The MaxiPlus is a microfiber loop-end mop for fast, thorough cleaning; the MaxiClean is a shrinkless loop-end mop that's color-coded for use segregation and the MaxiRough tail band loop-end mop is designed specifically for cleaning more abrasive floors like stone and concrete. Use the O-Cedar Finishing Loop-End Mop for floor finish application.

We also carry the O-Cedar Quick-Change Mopstick with Metal Handle to fit all of these unique mop heads as well as the All-In-One Cleaning/Finishing System that's great for "bucketlesss" mopping. For more commercial mops by O-Cedar and other brands, explore 1877FloorGuy's complete selection of commercial mops.