Double Mop Bucket Cart w/ Down Press

Double Mop Bucket Cart w/ Down PressDouble Mop Bucket Cart w/ Down PressDouble Mop Bucket Cart w/ Down Press
Mfr. Part No:TROLLEY2
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Product Description

Unique, easy to maneuver, two-sided mop bucket cart holds two 6-gallon removable buckets to accommodate cleaning solution in one and clean water for rinsing mop in the other. Use with string mop or tab style mop for wet mopping the floor. This versatile floor mopping cart easily accommodates wet mopping with with string mop or tab style with a removable insert for the mop wringer. The Double Mop Bucket with Down Press moves with ease on non-marking wheels and a sturdy frame. Buckets can be removed from cart for easy disposal of liquid. One bucket is grey, the other blue for quick identification. Down press wringer with up-down handle securely attaches to cart assembly and can be removed when not needed. Balanced cart will not tilt when empty even with wringer attached.

Pair with O'Cedar quick-change string mops or a tab mop setup for a complete facility mopping solution.

Includes: Cart with non-marking wheels and reversible handle, grey 6-gallon bucket with handle, blue 6-gallon bucket with handle, down-press wringer with removable insert that sets up the system for use with tab mops when insert is in place or string style mops when insert is removed.

For Use In: Healthcare Facilities, Education/Schools, Institutional and Office Buildings.

Instructions for Use:
  1. Fill the grey bucket with clean rinse water and position the wringer to drain into the rinse water bucket. Fill the other bucket with properly diluted cleaning solution.
  2. Charge mop in cleaning solution. Wring in wringer to appropriate wetness for cleaning the floor. When mop pad needs to be rinsed, rinse in the clean water bucket and wring out excess moisture. Re-charge mop pad in cleaning solution and wring before mopping to required wetness. Repeat as needed until floor is clean.
  3. Change rinse water often. Change mop pad and cleaning solution as needed. Using dirty water or mop pad will leave unsightly residue and streaks on the floor when it dries.